#10 – Homegrown Tournaments

10 Reasons to be excited for the 2016 Costa BREAM Series

The Costa BREAM Series is back to eight rounds in 2016. ABT are stoked about the upcoming series and you should be too! Check back over the next two weeks for daily updates.


Homegrown tournaments.

The impact these tournaments have on the local towns should not be forgotten, it’s a huge boost for local economies when one hundred odd anglers rock up in town, book out a few hotels or caravan parks and eat the local bowls club out of house and home.

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It’s the main reason why you’ll rarely see a major tournament slated during the school holidays. Coastal towns like Metung don’t need and probably couldn’t fit the extra people a tournament brings in during school holidays, so the extra weekend of ‘busy’ is much appreciated by the locals.

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