Mercury circumnavigation to fight cancer

Mercury is now a proud sponsor and supporter of “Fish for Life” – a wonderful charity working to raise much needed funding for Cancer Council Australia.

Next year well known Melbourne fishing and charter specialist, Mark Ratchford is going to circumnavigate Australia in a 6.5 metre Evolution hardtop – fishing every day.

Propelling him all around the country – including Tasmania – will be two 150hp Mercury FourStrokes.

“It’s going to take four months. There will be 90 stops and at about 80 of them we’ll have some kind of fund raising event maybe involving the local fishing club or the local resort,” Mark said.

“As well, there are two additional seats on the boat which we’re auctioning off, so people can spend anywhere from two days to nine days aboard with me, fishing and hopefully having a great time.”

While Mark and his passengers will enjoy the glories of the Great Barrier Reef, The Kimberleys and the Great Australian Bite but it won’t all be smooth sailing. There will also be Bass Strait in the middle of winter, the hole in the wall at Guluwuru Island and the Horizontal Falls – not to mention snakes, sharks, crocodiles and sand flies.

1 man, 1 boat, 16,500km and 120 days of fishing

“It’s going to be a hell of a ride, but I feel very confident now we’re powered by Mercury,” Mark said.

“I have two 175 hp Verados on one of my charter boats so I know how robust and reliable Mercury technology is, and their after-sales service has been excellent so if we do have any niggles I know we’ll be alright.

“But whatever happens the plan is to fish every single day,” said Mark, who’ll release all fish except those needed for food. “There’ll be everything from marlin and tuna to bream, mullet and a dozen other species I’m sure.

“For the people who join me, it’ll be a great holiday. But for me, I think I’m going to need a holiday afterwards!”

Mercury – the lone performer

“I’ve been looking into it and – as far as I know – only Mercury engines have circumnavigated Australia like this,” Mark said. “Hans Tholstrup was the first in 1970. He had a Caribbean Cougar with a Mercury 80hp outboard. Then Rob Pennicott did it in 2011, in two RIBs each with two 60hp Mercury FourStrokes.
“Only Mercury has the runs on the board.”

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