More Time and Bigger Limits

BassProSeries copyThe BassCat BASS Pro Series received a bit of a facelift for 2016. A new, shared weight format similar to the format used for the BREAM Grand Final will see a change in tactics and the first chance for anglers’ to weigh a 12/12 limit over the weekend, rewarding anglers who are catching quality and quantity throughout a tournament session.

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#2 Shared Weight = Bigger Limits + More Time

The move to the shared weight format will see anglers with the opportunity to weigh a 12/12 limit for the first time in Australian bass tournament history. Possession limits have always been an unavoidable work around for ABT, that’s why the familiar double session first day format was originally instigated. That allowed anglers to weigh 6/6 for a full weekend. But some anglers always wished for more, to reward consistent anglers that found not only big fish but numbers as well.

Now with the move to shared weight, anglers will fish working together, boater and non-boater to catch their biggest four fish limit. “This is a format we have used successfully in our BREAM Grand Finals for a number of years. It promotes camaraderie between anglers and has been fundamental for growing the knowledge base of non-boaters, allowing them in turn to move to the front of the boat,” explained ABT’s Steve Morgan.


Non-boaters will continue to be randomly paired with two boaters for the weekend. They will switch in their groups of four as per normal after the first day of competition.

The first session will be broken up mid-morning with an open 90-minute weigh in. Where anglers can choose to return at any stage within that 90-minute window to weigh their first 4/4 limit. Immediately after weighing in the first limit, anglers return to the water to catch another 4/4 before the session closes eight hours after it commenced.

The off side to this session format is the afternoon break anglers will have once they get off the water at around 2:30pm. Plenty of light to prepare food, re-rig tackle from the first day or simply just catch up with friends and share stories without the usual rush with a late second session weigh-in.

All in all the change of format is something new for anglers to wrap their heads around, it should see some interesting tactics and interesting changes to how anglers approach the first BassCat BASS Pro round at Lake Glenbawn in early March.

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