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The BassCat BASS Pro Series received a bit of a facelift for 2016. A new, shared weight format similar to the format used for the BREAM Grand Final will see a change in tactics and the first chance for anglers’ to weigh a 12/12 limit over the weekend, rewarding anglers who are catching quality and quantity throughout a tournament session.

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#3 River Rounds Are Go!

After our successful Richmond River trial event out of Coraki late in 2015, a river venue is on the calendar for the first time in the history of the BassCat BASS Pro Series.

Fishing in a river presents a number of stark contrasts to the still waters of impoundments that BASSers are so familiar with. One of the main differences being the effect of the tide, over the tournament dates of 10/11 April, we’ll see a 1.71m tidal difference between the low and high tide marks at the tournament base of Coraki. That much water movement will definitely play games with the minds of anglers, as they look to locate and catch their full tournament limit.


Water movement, whether it’s created from tide or run-off positions fish throughout a system. It might be on a channel swing, or behind a piece of structure. You may have seen footage or photos of trout tucked behind a rock in a flowing stream. Well bass are really no different, the rock just happens to be a log pile or sunken tree.


“I think it’s fantastic we are running BASS Pro events on tidal waters in 2016” said ABT’s Simon Goldsmith. “We’ve toyed with the idea for a number of years, but we felt it wasn’t the right time to experiment with the format. Last year we figured it was the right time and our trial event ran flawlessly so that gave us the confidence to run a full on BASS Pro event on the Richmond this season.”


2015 BassCat BASS Pro Grand Final champion Peter Phelps welcomes the move to rivers and can’t wait to get on the water. “I’ve had a little bit of experience fishing rivers for bass. I fished the Hawkesbury and Hunter rivers a number of years ago in smaller local club tournaments and it was a great challenge. I think as anglers we need to be faced with different conditions if we are to keep getting better, and the rivers will certainly throw a few curve balls our way.”

The Spotters Sunglasses Richmond River BASS Pro is slated for the weekend of the 9/10th of April. For full event details you can click here. For full details on the BassCat Boats BASS Pro Series, click here

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