Atomic WA Bream Classics CRC Round 1 Mandurah

Round one of the 2016 Atomic WA Bream Classic series kicked with 36 teams eager for the 7am start time to tick over. Loaded with bacon and eggs a bit of CRC product and a pack or two of Granny’s Lamingtons, the teams of two had the options of staying in town and fishing the now vast assortment of canals or heading across the Peel Inlet to target the Murray River or its partner in crime the Serpentine River.

Making all the right choices for the day was Team Crap Happens of Jake Gill and Geoff (his TAFE Teacher) weighing in 4 bream for 2.800kg. Being last on the entry list at 36 meant Jake was going to have to fish a lot of dirty water or be in a spaceship to get to some of his prime spots that have served him so well in the past seasons. This includes a 47cm beast in the 2015 Classic Grand Final.

When asked how his teams’ day went Jake replied “It was a really good day in the end, we were the last entry in and therefore had to leave last of 36 boats. This really ruled out my normal haunts up the Serpentine River or any of the better spots in the Murray, and we didn’t really want to hunt for banks that were not being hit as much. So we decided to try our luck out at Dawesville Cut, I have fished there on and off over the years with very mixed results, I thought it would be tough, but we thought what the hell.”

“It was a good decision in the end though, we were fishing Zman grubs and we’d cast them tight to the rockwalls using a small lift and drop retrieve, we had our first keeper on board by 9am so we were really happy with the start to the day. We tried to work the same stretch of water all day and caught all sorts of by-catch, which included some good whiting and tarwhine.”

“In between the by-catch though, we managed to pick up three more nice keepers – all this was before 10.30am so we stuck with what was working and kept plugging away looking for a beast, it was then that I noticed our livewell was having a few issues and our fish starting to a little ordinary, so I went to work on that and got it working a treat again. The fish bounced back and were feisty again by the time I got back to the weigh-in.”

When asked if he had anyone to thank, Jake replied “besides the
WA Bream Classic organisers who do a great job, I have to add a special mention for Tackle World Mandurah – I get all of my bream tackle from that shop, and the guys in there love to fish for bream as well including getting into the comps themselves, so it is really easy refreshing to have a chat about what is working, and where you could try etc, just a really good bunch of people to bounce ideas off of.”

“And of course last but not least my missus who gives me the freedom to get out and go breaming whenever the urge arises, she’s a cracker.”

Jake used Daiwa Presso Rods, matched with a Shimano Stradic FK 1000 and 2500, these were loaded with 8lb Don Peppe line, whilst at the business end was the ever popular Yamatoyo Harris fighter in 6lb and 8lb. Jake rigged his ZMan grubs on a TT jighead in 1/20 before changing to 1/16 when the wind picked up a bit. His knots of choice were the uni to uni knot, with a leftys loop to attach the jighead.

In second place weighing in 4 bream for 2.610kg was Team Bream Whisperers of Barry Brownrigg and Colin Peasey. When asked how the day went Barry replied “I live down here so it really should be considered my local, but we had a good pre-fish up both of the rivers and caught some good numbers and size, so we thought we hit the better of those spots and see how thing went.

We ended up heading to the Serpentine River and hit the 500m stretch that we had pre-fished, it was a good choice as we had our first keeper on-board by 8.30am. This came on a 2” ZMan in the Bloodworm colour, and we were just retrieving with small hops and skips off the bottom followed by a pause, it was pretty much hectic from then on and we would have had our bag in the next hour. Although we had high hopes of getting into them early, for things to pan out the way we hoped had us feeling pretty ecstatic.”

Colin added “We then changed to the Gulp Prawns in Banana and Lime Tiger and those plastics brought most of our upgrades for the day, we probably ended up catching 20-30 legal fish overall. So to end up with 2.610kg and finish second is fantastic.”

When asked if they had any memorable moments, Colin replied “The one things that sticks out the most was that we did not see another boat all day, so we had the patch of river all to ourselves, that was our highlight as it allowed us to get down to business and compile a nice bag without any added pressure.”

Barry used a T-Curve 1-3kg rod matched to a Shimano Sustain 1000, this was loaded with 10lb Castaway braid. Barry’s other rod of choice was his Gladiator Cyborg 1-3kg, matched to a Shimano Stradic 1000, this was loaded with 6lb Nanofil. On the business end of both combos was 6lb VHard leader attached with an Improved Albright knot.

Colin used a 1-3kg Pfleuger Patriach Rod, matched to a Shimano Stradic 2500, this was loaded with 8lb Sunline, with 8lb Yamatoyo Harris Fighter at the business end. Colin’s preferred knot to use for the day was the FG knot.

When asked if they had anyone to thank, Barry replied “A big thanks to the WAFM guys and of course all the fantastic sponsors like Atomic, Engel and especially this rounds sponsor in CRC.”
In third place was team DG of Jayden Webb and Marek Baleniak weighing in 4 bream for 2.505kg, when asked how their day had gone Jayden replied “we had a great day out, we decided to head right up the back of the Murray River where we had done pretty good in pre-fish, we had one area we wanted to target and it really fired up for us.”

“It took a fair while to get up to the spot, but we fished squidgy lobby prawns all day in the UV purple and green, we rigged them on 1/40 TT hidden weights, before changing the 1/28 when the wind came up a little. It was 5th cast in the middle of nowhere, no structure or anything really when I came up tight to our best keeper of the day at .960gms which also only just meant big bream. Next cast Marek hooked a great keeper which we lost due a knot failure which Jayden put down to the late (early hours of the morning) preparation of knots is not ideal ”

“We probably caught 25-30 legal fish over the day, and it was very slow upgrading them with 50gms usually being average upgrade we got, but in the end it tallied up pretty good.”

Jaydens co-angler Marek was fishing his first tournament and also managed to add a nice upgrade to the bag, team DG used the same combos all day being Jaydens selection of Loomis, TCurve and Berkley rods all matched to Shimano Stella 1000s, these were loaded with Firelkine XCeed in 6lb with 8-10lb Nitlon at the business end.

“When asked who they wanted to thank Jayden thanksed WAFM, all the sponsors and last but not least he thanked his girlfriend for putting up with his increasing fishing habits.

The ENGEL BIG BREAM was caught by Brad Yates and dragged the scales down to 1.005kg, a long time away from the bream scene and he bounced back in true style bringing the biggest bream to the stage for the day. This was caught on a 2” ZMan in Motor Oil, and although they thought it would not even nudge .850gms, it was certainly good enough for the $500.

Special thanks as always must go out to our sponsors, who without their support there would be no events. So Thank you to Atomic, Engel, CRC, Ecogear, Watersnake, Shimano, Gamakatsu, Tackle Tactics, Z-Man, Mako Eyewear, Samurai Rods, Platypus, Halco , Damiki, Grannys Pies and Cakes, Sunline, JML, Yamatoyo, Dragon, Pontoon 21, Bluewater Tackle World, Anglers Annonymous, Recfishwest,, and

The next event on the Calendar is the ABT Costa Mandurah Bream Qualifier on the 9th and 10th of April for detail go here or to the ABT Bream page

The next Atomic WA Bream Classic boat event will be a Perth round on the 1st of May.

Random Team comments;
Team Fish-Tec Solutions: “Tough day with very hot conditions on the water, we managed to get our bag but just couldn’t find that big kicker fish we so desperately needed. Our day started off really good with my first cast of the day producing our biggest fish but after that it was a bit of a slugfest, caught a heap of fish but couldnt find that big kicker fish. We finished 11th out of a strong field and missed out finishing in the top ten by 35g. We are pretty happy considering.

Congrats to all the place getters and the WAFM crew and all the WA boys who make these events just so much fun…Good bunch of blokes all round. All in all, it’s always an enjoyable day fishing with Muzz, thanks mate for another enjoyable day on the water

Place-Team Name- Anglers – fish-weight
1-Team Crap Happens-Jake Gill-Jeff-4-2.805
2-Bream Whisperers-Barry Brownrigg-Colin Peasey-4-2.610
3-DG-Jayden Webb-Marek Baleniak-4-2.505
4-J avelin-Paul McCullough-Greg Cooper-4-2.010
5-Gladiator / Tackle HQ-Shane Owens-Steve Owens-4-2.005
6-Ecogear / JML-Kim McIntyre-Ben Scott-4-1.885
7-Strike Pro / Wealth Centre-Brendon Gow-Joseph Gardner-4-1.800
8-Hardbodies-Ben Oakes-Kale Berger-4-1.770
9-Lowrance / Tackle Tactics-Alex Griesdorf-Brett Ozanne-4-1.720
10-Growag-Darren Ogley-Mark Van Rensberg-4-1.695
11-Fishtec Solutions-Murray Jeffrey-Anthony Sexton-4-1.660 Coughlan-Mathew Burt-4-1.575
13-Keen-Shardi Biahgi-Paul Furlong-4-1.530
14-Compleat Breamers-Tom Schulling-Nathan Walsh-4-1.515
15-Bream Machines-Chris Hill-Mathew Jeffrey-3-1.490
16-Team Tims Tackle-Kepler Weber-Shaun Moran-4-1.465
17-Unlucky-Ryan Garth-David Bailey-3-1.400
18-Getaway Outdoors Bentley-Phil Cockshutt-Blair Paisley Kerr-3-1.365
19-Phenix Rods-Suzie Siranovic-Nathan Rose-3-1.310
20-Tackleworld / Majorcraft-Thys McCarthy-Joe Franco-3-1.200
21-Railblaza-Brett Dowsett-Sean Higgins-3-1.130
22-Bubba & Yatesys Socially Competitive Fishing Team-Brad Yates-Nathan Gilders-1-1.005 (Engel Big Bream)
23-Bream & Tonic-Ryan Wainwright-Dean Wainwright-2-0.995
24-Hack / Tackle HQ-Michael Sammut-Mitch Clements-2-0.925
25-Breammaster-Geoff Spadaccini-Nathan Jones-2-0.885
26-Prime Time-Josh McAlindon-Dominque Cera-2-0.790
27-Whiteys / Strikepro-Dan Smith-Brad Patman-2-0.780
28-Fish Arrow / Pontoon 21-Tim Stuart-Jesse Choy-2-0.775
29-Team Noeby-Ed Bradfield-Didier Blanquet-2-0.655
30-Two in the Savage-Szarn Tink-Graeme Kovacevich-2-0.595
31-Purple Ducks-Leigh Barrett-Brendon Harkness-1-0.460
32-Grab A Grannys-Andrew Manson-Steve Yarwood-1-0.450
33-Show Off Your Catch-Adam Wright-Aarin May-0-0.000
34-Dunking for Donuts-Rob Davies-Shane Klompaker-0-0.000
35-McBream Brothers-Tim McClements-Tom McClements-0-0.000
36-The Rookies-Joel Knighton-Mitch Jones-0-0.000

Total 97 fish caught
Total weight 44.76kg

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