Rookie Rewards for 2016!


ABT, in partnership with Fish-Tec Solutions and partner brands, Edge Rods and OSP lures would like to present the OSP Rookie Award and the year-long points race for the Edge Rods Rookie of the Year.

A new incentive to 2016 the OSP Rookie Award goes to the highest placed rookie at each event and is available to both boaters and non-boaters. The OSP Rookie Award looks to reward ABT anglers who are fishing events in the first season of their respective series. For example, if you’ve been fishing the Costa BREAM Series for a number of years and decide this year to try your hand at the BassCat BASS Pro Series, you will be entitled to the OSP Rookie Award at each tournament of the new-to-you series for the entire year. Likewise, if you are new to tournaments entirely, you are in the running to claim both the OSP Rookie Award at each BREAM or BASS Qualifier you fish, and the Edge Rods Rookie of the Year at the end of the year.

The OSP Rookie Award includes a swag pack full of Japanese perfection courtesy of OSP. ABT event winning lures like the Bent Minnow and Dunk, and newfound bass favourite the I-Waver are all jam-packed into a goodie-bag worth $150 at each of the eight Costa BREAM Series and the four BassCat BASS Pro Series events.

And if that isn’t enough incentive, a year long Edge Rods Rookie of the Year points race is now active in both series. The Rookie Champion of each series will take home an Edge rod courtesy of Fish-Tec Solutions at the end of the year.

There’s no better time than now to enter your first ABT event, or perhaps try your hand at a different species. With programs in place like these, there is more than one way to walk away from an ABT tournament with more than you came with.

You can check out the Rookie of the Year points tables on the BASS Stats page of we’re in the process of updating the BREAM Stats pages at the moment.


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