Briefing Location Change – Spotters Richmond River BASS Pro

ABT’s newest tackle store partner Casino Outdoors & Disposal will host the briefing night of the impending Spotters Richmond River BASS Pro, ABT’s first foray into a wild fishery for the BASS Pro Series.

Anglers will register from 5pm for a 6pm briefing at Casino Outdoors, and it will give angler’s a chance to grab those last minute items they might need for the tournament.
Current Bluefin Boats/ePropulsion BASS Electric Convention champion Joseph Urqhart’s family owns Casino Outdoors and he is excited to have anglers come and spend their briefing night at the shop. “I’m really excited for the event, both the fishing and the fact that it’s something new.  So we (Casino Outdoors) are very pleased to welcome anglers to our shop for the briefing night.”

Casino Outdoors is the perfect ABT BASS anglers tackle shop, combining fishing tackle with camping equipment, essential toys for life on the tour.

The Richmond River is experiencing some flooding at the moment thanks to some consistent downpours in the region. But it won’t be enough to dampen the spirits of BASS Pro anglers chomping at the bit to fish the first ever BASS Pro event on a wild river fishery. Dan Clancy, who has just made a comeback to the sport of tournament bass fishing can’t contain his excitement of venturing to a river. “I’ve fished a fair few river tournaments back in the early days of club fishing and they were sensational” said Clancy. “I’ve fished the Hunter and Hawkesbury systems before but never the Richmond, so I’m looking forward to dropping the boat in and scouting it before the tournament begins.”

Anglers wishing to attend the Spotters Richmond River BASS Pro entries are open and can be processed online by clicking the ‘forms’ button on the top menu bar.

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