Fish Arrow Fins Gill Swimbait

The Fins Gill from Fish Arrow comes in two sizes, a 120mm (40grams) and a 150mm (78grams). This realistic high profile soft plastic swimbait is slow sinking, emitting a powerful action from the huddle style boot tail. The Fins Gill has a magnet enclosed in the body underneath the belly of the lure, this magnet holds the strong double hook securely, allowing the lure to be dragged over structure. A external weight can also be added to speed up the the sink rate.

This lure originally designed to replicate bluegill for large mouth bass also is the ideal shape and size to replicate a juvenile golden/silver perch, medium Redfin or large boney bream. It will be perfect for big murray cod, barramundi and other large predatory species. Its realistic shape and action entices bites in the toughest of conditions.

Length: 120mm Weigh: 40g
Length: 150mm Weigh: 78g

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finsgill_002 finsgill_006 finsgill_005 finsgill_001

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