Berkley Powerbait 3″ Pro Grub






The Powerbait Pro Grub features a wider profile body than the traditional curl tail grubs of yesteryear. The extra volume pushes more water, making it easier for fish to find your lure in dark or murky water.  The ribs on the body add more surface area, catching more water creating turbulence around the lure which predatory fish can detect with their lateral lines. The ribs also increase the surface area, allowing for more of the unique Powerbait scent to be released. The tail design adds fluid-like motion to the lure on light twitches. The Pro Grub tail swims at even the slowest of speeds delivering continuous lifelike action.

Each Powerbait Pro grub is also loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor formula, which triggers fish to hold on 18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks.

  • Brand new pro-designed colors add fish catching flare
  • Big profile on bite-size bait gives a big target
  • Great tail action moves at all speeds

The 3” Powerbait Pro Grub comes in 9 exciting colours;  Black Ice, Firetiger, Blue Ice, Chartreuse Purple Ice, Opening Night, Pearl White, Perch Ice, Pink Ice and Purple Ice.

Powerbait Pro Grub (Colour)

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