Powerbait Pro Jig Worm



The Powerbait Pro Jig Worm would be a rather unique profile to most Australian fisherman. The slim profile body, adorned with a wobbling padded tail shows the fish something new. The sleek ‘beaver’ like tail creates a wide thumping action when it is retrieved through the water.

The wide profile tail catches a lot of water. So whether you’re rigging it light and letting it sink slow, or ripping it off the bottom. The Pro Jig Worm will be working for you.

Each Powerbait Pro Shad is loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavour formula, which triggers fish to hold on 18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks.

  • Classic worm body with a wide action wobbling tail
  • Enticing ‘beaver’ tail action
  • Proven fish-catching scent and flavour

The Powerbait Pro Shad comes in 2.5” and 3.5” sizes. There are 9 exciting colours; Black Ice, Opening Night, Emerald Shiner, Watermelon Pearl, Pink Ice and Purple Chartreuse.

Powerbait Pro Jig Worm (Colour)


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