New Berkley 3B Puppy Dog Colour






Brad Hodges relied on the Berkley 3B Puppy Dog to claim victory in the Mercury presented Gippsland Lakes BREAM Qualifier in early 2016. Brad loves the Puppy Dog and it’s his go-to lure for fishing the shallow edges of the North Arm and new for 2016 is the 12 Gauge colour.

A Classic all-rounder in the minnow stakes, the Puppy Dog was developed as a clearwater hard body for wary fish. With its smooth snake like action the Puppy is a great shallow jerk bait. Working silently around fish (no rattles) the Puppy Dog is a killer where fish are spooky. A short tight flick will see this hard bait spin out to left or right and roll slightly upward, giving the predators the indication of very an injured baitfish and an easy meal.

Slow rolled and the Puppy will ‘wallow’ side to side like a bait fish that is on its last legs and can’t find its school.Put these two retrieves together for structured presentation and you’ll have a strike zone winning remedy for almost every fish you can think of.

This lure is out of the box when it comes to sneaky and slow!

The 3B Puppy Dog series comes with OWNER #14 ST36BC trebles & #0 P04 Rings.

3B Puppy Dog – length : 45mm / weight : 2.7gm / depth : 2m



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