New Berkley 3B Scum Dog Colour






There’s no better way to catch bream or bass in tournament conditions than on the surface. The explosion of a fish eating a top water never gets old. Now, thanks to Berkley, anglers have a few more options to add to their tackle trays.

The Berkley 3B Scum Dog is a classic profile surface walking bait with a fantastic easy to use walk the dog action. Berkley touts the Scum Dog as being the easiest walk the dog bait on the market. Just point your rod tip down and begin twitching and watch the Scum Dog come to life at the end of your line, drawing fish in from great distance.

The Scum Dog comes in two sizes, a 48mm morsel and a larger 68mm model perfect for long casts or rougher water.
Now there’s two new colours in the Scum Dog arsenal. Toxic Sushi and Tiger Stik complete the package of what is a staple in many anglers’ tackle boxes.
The 3B Scum Dog series comes with OWNER #14 ST36BC trebles & #0 P04 Rings.

3B Scum Dog surface walker – length: 48mm / weight: 2.5gm / depth: Surface


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