Costa Mandurah BREAM Qualifer- Results and Story

Griesdorf killing it softies with his grub

Alex Griesdorf has staked his claim as Western Australia’s number one BREAMer, after taking victory at the Mandurah BREAM Qualifier event, presented by Costa Del Mar. Griesdorf was one of only four anglers over the weekend to weigh a full 10/10 limit of West Australia’s finest bream, surpassing second place angler Jayden Webb by over 1kg.

Griesdorf has dominated the WA bream scene since the last time the ABT tour visited, and he proved again he is one to watch whenever there is a tournament on the western shores.

Fishing the Serpentine River on Day 1, Griesdorf targeted the timbered snags close to drop-offs on the edge of the river, and focused on the current eddy that formed behind the structure.

“The eddy in the current was definitely the key to fishing the Serpentine,” said Griesdorf. His technique was fairly straight forward, he would throw the lure as close to the structure as possible and try to leave the lure in the strike zone for as long as possible.

“I’d fish my grub pretty slow, and after they lure had been in the strike zone for a minute or so without a bite I would rip them back in and cast again,” he said. Around midday on the first session, Griesdorf made the decision to leave the Serpentine River and chase upgrades in one of the many canal systems that are littered in the Mandurah area. The cleaner water of the canals meant a change in approach, as Griesdorf went from the 6lb leader he had been using, down to 4lb.

“The fish in the canals are a bit more pressured, plus the clearer water makes them tentative – I find the lighter leader works much better in these circumstances,” said Griesdorf. Although a few upgrades eluded the WA BREAMer in the afternoon session, his approach in the Serpentine worked beautifully, with Griesdorf and his non-boater catching between thirty and forty legal fish for the session.

On Day 2, Griesdorf applied his local knowledge – he was aware that Serpentine generally fished much tougher on the second day, so he chose to focus on the canal systems and chase bigger fish. Sacrificing numbers for size, Griesdorf only produced 10-12 legal-sized on the second day, a stark contrast to the plague proportions of fish he encountered on Day 1. The change in tactics proved fruitful, as he weighed the heaviest five-fish bag of the tournament to take the win by over 1kg.

His technique to fish the canals was urban breaming 101 – targeting the shade provided by jetties and boats. Griesdorf cast his lure as deep behind and underneath any structure he could find. He relied on a Daiwa Battler Beowolf rod paired with both Daiwa Luvias and Exist model spin reels in 2500 size. He spooled these with 8 and 10lb Daiwa J-Braid. He used 6lb leader when fishing the dirtier waters of the Serpentine River, and 4lb leader when targeting upgrades in the canals. His lure of choice was the ever popular Z-Man 2.5” GrubZ in a combination of watermelon, bloodworm and motor oil colours.

Griesdorf thanked his sponsors TT Lures, Z-Man, Lowrance and Daiwa for their support throughout the year.

Jayden Spins Webb to claim second.

Jayden Webb held onto second place for the entire tournament. He weighed in one short of a full tournament limit, and his 9/10 3.67kg limit edged out third place Kim McIntyre to take home the $750 runner-up cheque.

Jayden targeted the much larger Murray River on both days of the tournament, choosing to travel long distances from the start to access some less pressured and more active fish. After spending his pre-fish day with easterner Blake O’Grady, Webb learned why the OSP Dunk 48 has become a staple lure in the modern day BREAMers tackle box. Using his newly found hard bait, Webb chose to target hard structure in the upper reaches of the Murray fishing the Dunk painfully slow and deep underneath jetties and pontoons.

“I had to fish them really slowly, with long pauses to get the best result,” explained Webb. He’d alternate between the Dunk and a Dragon Maggot soft plastic, which he rigged on a 1/28oz TT jighead.

“I fished the Maggot equally slowly, barely lifting it off the bottom before letting it sit motionless for a few seconds,” he said. The approach worked, with around 15 legal-sized bream hitting the deck and three upgrades over the session.

On Day 2 Webb decided to head back to his successful spot from the day before, but was beaten to the general area by a number of other boats. Choosing not to stick around too long, Webb travelled back downriver and fished a bank he had never been to before. Turning to the Berkley Gulp 2” Crabby, Webb put four fish in the boat over the course of the session, enough to hold onto runner-up position.

“It was a weird and tough bite, even for Mandurah, which can typically be a tough venue,” explained Webb.

“I was rigging my Crabby on a 1/40oz TT jighead, even when fishing 2m of water – it was that finicky,” added Webb.

For his efforts, Webb has qualified for the Costa BREAM Grand Final at St Georges Basin at the end of the year.

Gardner Mows Down Field

WA young gun Joseph Gardner claimed victory in the non-boater division of the Costa Mandurah BREAM Qualifier. Fishing with long time friend Kepler Weber on Day 1, and Reece Brain on Day 2, Gardner was one of only two non-boaters to weigh a full 10/10 tournament limit.

Gardner stuck to tried and true black bream baits and turned to his go-to, the Ecogear Aqua Bream Prawn in both the 40 and 50mm sizes to weigh his ten fish. Gardner targeted man-made structures, and cast his bait as close to those structures as possible.

“Once I’ve worked out where the fish are holding, I cast my lure as close to the structure as possible and let it sink on a slack line. If I don’t get a bite in the first 2-3ft of water I’ll pull it out and cast again,” he said.

Gardner rigs his Aqua Prawns on Decoy Worm hooks, a size #4 for the 40mm and a #2 for the 50mm.  Using a combination of Rovex Airstrike and Daiwa Air Edge rods, which he paired the rod to a Daiwa Luvias reel spooled with Yamatoyo Jigging X8 PE and Yamatoyo Harris Fighter fluorocarbon leader.

He now qualifies for the Costa BREAM Grand Final at the beginning of December and will be booking time off to attend. For his efforts, Gardner took home the $400 first place non-boater Pro cheque, a brand new pair of Costa 580G polarized glasses, the OSP Rookie Award, as well as a prize bag.


Austackle Big Bream

Graeme Kovacevich claimed the Austackle Big Bream $500 cheque thanks to his 1.24kg kicker on the first day of the competition. The big fish came on the ever-reliable 2.5” Z-Man GrubZ in motor oil colour, rigged on 3lb leader and 6lb braid. The monster bream came from the Murray River, on a dead slow retrieve. Long pauses with the occasional short hop off the bottom undid the standout fish of the tournament.


OSP Rookie Reward

19 year-old Joseph Gardner claimed the OSP Rookie Reward thanks to his 10/10 winning bag in the non-boater division. For his efforts, Gardner will receive a great care package of OSP products. OSP is one of the hottest brands on the market for ABT fishers over the past few seasons, and now Gardner will have some more ammunition to add to his arsenal over the year.


Winning Ways

Choosing to ditch his successful spot from the first day was the key to Alex Griesdorf’s win.

“The Serpentine River is notoriously tough on Day 2 of any tournament, so I knew my best bet was to fish it only on the first day. I had some areas I knew no one had fished on Day 1 that I relied on for Day 2, which worked perfectly.”

Costa BREAM Series- Mandurah BREAM Qualifier Boater Results

Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 TF TW Payout
1 Alex GREISDORF WA 5 2.3 5 2.41 10 4.71 $1050, $400 Pro, $250 Mercury Bonus
2 Jayden WEBB WA 5 2 4 1.67 9 3.67 $750
3 Kim MCINTYRE WA 5 1.795 5 1.51 10 3.305 $500, $300 Yamaha Bonus
4 Steve MORGAN QLD 5 1.655 3 0.98 8 2.635 $200 Pro
5 Greg COOPER WA 1 0.455 5 2.09 6 2.545 $150 Mercury Bonus
6 Geoff SPADACCINI WA 0 0 5 2.395 5 2.395 $100 Mercury Bonus
7 Callum DOWELL WA 5 1.99 1 0.245 6 2.235
8 Tim STYLIANON WA 1 0.33 5 1.57 6 1.9
9 Nathan WALSH WA 0 0 5 1.36 5 1.36
10 Kepler WEBER WA 3 1.015 1 0.275 4 1.29
11 Brett DOWSETT WA 2 0.775 0 -0.05 2 0.725
12 Suzanne SIRANOVIC WA 2 0.675 2 0.675
13 Nigel KELLY WA 1 0.285 1 0.345 2 0.63
14 Michael BOEHM WA 0 0 1 0.49 1 0.49
15 Reece BRAIN WA 1 0.27 1 0.27

Costa BREAM Series- Mandurah BREAM Qualifier Nonboater Results

Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 TF TW Payout
1 Joseph GARDNER WA 5 1.52 5 1.865 10 3.385 Costa Sunglasses & Prize Pack, $400 Pro
2 Massimo SALOMONE WA 5 1.745 5 1.635 10 3.38 Spotters & Prize Pack
3 Graeme KOVACEVICH WA 3 2.055 1 0.895 4 2.95 Berkley Pack, $500 Austackle Big Bream
4 Carey NOLAN WA 4 1.52 3 1.135 7 2.655 Spotters & Prize Pack
5 Benjamin SCOTT WA 1 0.515 5 1.935 6 2.45 Prize Pack
6 Mirek SOUECK WA 3 0.965 5 1.44 8 2.405 Prize Pack
7 Clint NORTHCOTT VIC 1 0.265 5 1.735 6 2 Prize Pack
8 Tom SCHUILING WA 5 1.58 3 0.73 8 2.31 Prize Pack
9 Shaun MORAN WA 0 0 3 1.255 3 1.255 Prize Pack
10 Chris HILL WA 3 1.18 3 1.18
11 Joe FRANCO WA 2 0.94 2 0.94
12 Mitchell BISHOP WA 1 0.425 1 0.31 2 0.735
13 Jesse CHOY WA 2 0.665 2 0.665
14 Blake O’GRADY NSW 1 0.34 1 0.34
15 Luke HODGE WA 0 0 0 0

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