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The winning pairIt’s been ten years since the ABT BREAM Tour first went to Tasmania. Since then, Tasmania has been on the bucket list of keen bream fishers all over the country. Next week, BREAMers from all over the country will hit the waters of Georges Bay, St Helens and the Derwent River in Hobart to take their shot at Tasmanian glory. Tasmanian BREAM tournaments have produced some memorable moments. Here’s ten to look out for when the tour kicks off next week!

1. 5kg Bags
A 5kg bag in Tassie is like a 3kg bag on the mainland. Good, but it’s not raising any eyebrows at the bump tubs. Although now there are more small-sized bream than ever in the waters of the Derwent River, anglers still consistently manage to find the fish necessary for a 5kg sack of Tassie black bream. If you want to turn heads and make a scene, you better come in with 6kg.
2. 6kg Bags
If 5kg in Tassie is worth 3kg on the mainland. 6kg is the new magic number. Let’s take a look through the Tournament Angler Guide BREAM statistics. March 2007, saw Leigh Mackenzie weigh 10/10 for 12.89kg, almost 6.5kg per day. In March 2011 Spiro Spyropolous caught 15/15 (Super Series) for 18.05kg. Even stringing three days in a row of 6kg bags is possible at this time of year.

3. Past Performers
Look out for the guys with experience in 2016. Guys like Leigh Mackenzie, Steve Morgan, Steve Gill, Cameron Whittam, Warren Carter and Andrew Krushka could very well be the ones to beat. Krushka, along with his son Jonty took out the Tasmanian Bream Classic event on the Derwent River last weekend with 10/10 for 10.855kg, and we’re expecting that sort of weight to be pretty competitive.

4. Newcomers
There’s some standout anglers on the lists that have never fished the waters of Tasmania. Such as competitors like Mark Compton, who’s no slouch at working out new waterways. His two wins from two starts on new venues for him last year show he’s always a threat.

5. Don’t forget your coat
Tassie weather is about as stable as a puppy on tile floors, and it’s sure to throw some curveballs up to anglers over the two weeks. There’s been plenty of occasions when snow has fallen on Mt Wellington while a tournament is underway. With 40 knot winds blowing down the Derwent can make it almost unnavigable.

6. Trout
It’s not just the appeal of massive black bream that bring anglers to Tasmania. Tassie’s main angling calling card is the fantastic trout fishery the island has to offer. You can catch them in little streams, or one of the thousands of lakes scattered through the highlands, or maybe you’ll even luck onto a sea run trout in the Derwent. Either way, if you’re in Tassie, you need to at least try to catch one.

7. The magical 50cm
You’ll have more chance of catching that magic 50cm bream in Tassie than anywhere else in Australia. We constantly hear of specimens nudging that monster mark, maybe we’ll see one in the tournament?

8. Sight fishing
As if you weren’t looking forward to it enough. How does sight-casting a 5kg bag on the sand flats of Georges Bay sound? Pretty darn great if you ask us. Tasmania has always been a great place to fish visually. Clear, shallow water is the perfect recipe for sight-fishing, and Tassie has it in spades.

9. The magic of the tour
Getting a group of likeminded individuals together for two weeks travelling around some of the best fishing grounds in the country is a recipe for good times. The ‘Tassie Tour’ has always been a favourite among anglers, not only for the fishing, but for the great times had while away in a amazing part of Australia.

10. Tasmanian Tiger
Well you never know, you might see one. That’d be worth the trip, you could sell the photo to newspapers all around the world and pay for the next year of your ABT BREAM obsession.

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