Boomerang Zingers Dual Pack

When we first hear the phrase Zinger, our minds tend to go directly to the delicious spicy chicken. But a far more useful tool is also called a Zinger. Introducing the Boomerang Zinger by Boomerang Tool Company.
A Zinger is a coiled cord housed on a retractable reel, perfect for keeping tools like scissors, split ring pliers, line clippers and other odds and ends always handy, but never lost.

Boomerang Tool - Zinger Duo
Boomerang Tool - Zinger Duo BackWhether you attach them to your person, your console or up on the front deck. Your tools will stay there, but extend out a full 36″ or almost one metre. Never fumble around wondering where your tools ended up after that fish flurry you had five minutes ago.

All Boomerang Tools are the standard of excellence in zinger technology, with durable, quality construction and testing in excess of one million pulls!

The new dual pack of Zingers include one clip attachment and one pin attachment for ultimate versatility. Each Zinger features 2oz retraction force to keep items secure. No other brand comes close to beating the quality of USA-made Boomerang Tool Company.

Always handy, never lost.

To check out the full range of Boomerang Tools available in Australia, you can check out 

RRP of $27.95

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