Lew’s debuts down under!

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Historic American tackle manufacturer Lew’s has made its way to Australian shores.

Company founder Lew Childre Jr and the Lew’s brand emerged from humble beginnings, bursting onto the market as one of the premier manufacturers of bamboo fishing rods way back before the days of fibreglass and graphite. Not pleased with the quality of bamboo he could source from America, Lew found himself in Japan where he discovered the quality of bamboo he needed to produce the quality of product that has built the foundation of the Lew’s brand.

Lew was at the forefront of rod design through the early transition from bamboo, to fibreglass and ultimately to graphite that now dominates the industry. The creation of the first Lew’s Speed Stick rod was a monumental undertaking, and by 1970, US anglers were able to access a line of casting rods that were over and above anything previously available on the market.

By 1973, Lew was stamping his name and brand on the world of fishing reels. Having released the Lew’s Speed Spool baitcaster, few thought the strange-looking teardrop shaped reel had any chance of comparing to the popular Ambassadeur round reels of the time. That is, until they cast it. The Speed Spool’s low profile, narrow spool and fully disengaging levelwind meant casting was a dream. The unique no-knob palming side cover provided a new comfortable feel and performance like American anglers had never witnessed before.

Now thank’s to Craig Simmons, Lew’s products (Initially baitcast reels, and accessories) are now available to Australian anglers and have signed on as the newest ABT sponsor.
“I’m really excited to launch the Lew’s brand in Australia” explained Simmons. “The reels have performed flawlessly for myself and the select few who have tried them over the past 12 months”.

You can expect to see Lew’s low-profile baitcast reels start to appear in tackle shops near you over the next few weeks as first stock has already been sent out to stores that were quick to take on the exciting new brand.
“I’m very excited to partner with ABT to release the Lew’s reels to the tournament angling community, we’re going to have some great initiatives in place for the rest of the 2016 tournament season which will be really appreciated by the anglers I’m sure” concluded Simmons.

For more information on Lew’s products available in Australia, you can head to their Australian Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Lew's BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Lew's Speed Spool Inshore LFS

Lew’s Speed Spool Inshore LFS

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