Lew’s Earlybird Entry Raffle – Lake Boondooma BASS Pro

lews-logo (1)New ABT sponsor Lew’s has put together a great offer for anglers looking to enter the Lake Boondooma BASS Pro. Anglers entering the tournament online HERE before July 1st will be put in a draw to win 1 of 2 Lew’s low-profile baitcast reels, one each for boater and non-boater entries.

“We want to encourage anglers to enter the tournament in advance, and I think this is an excellent way to reward those anglers that plan their weekend away” said Lew’s distributor Craig Simmons.

Boater entries received before July 1st are automatically put into the draw to win a Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool baitcast reel. While any non-boater entries received before the date will be entered to win a Lew’s Inshore Speed Spool LFS baitcast reel.
ABT angler Joseph Urquhart has been fishing the Lew’s reels for a few months now, and has been blown away at their performance. “I really couldn’t believe how good they were when Craig first put one in my hand,” said Urquhart. “The casting is a dream and I’m definitely not left wanting more distance, drag or smoothness” concluded Joseph.

If you were thinking about entering the Lake Boondooma BASS Pro then make sure you do so before July 1st. Just for being prepared you could be walking away with a brand new reel!

Lew's BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Lew's Speed Spool Inshore LFS

Lew’s Speed Spool Inshore LFS

All entry forms can be found HERE

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