Venom BARRA Australian Open | Event Information

Venom Rods BARRA Australian Open

Following the success of the BREAM and BASS Australian Opens, ABT has introduced the BARRA Australian Open.  First run in 2019, the event’s success sees it back on the calendar in 2020.  With the same 100% cash paybacks as the BREAM and BASS events, we have chosen to hold the BARRA Australian Open on the hottest BARRA lake in Queensland this spring, Lake Awoonga.

With over 700,000 barra stocked in the last couple of years, there’s plenty of fit, fat and feisty barra in the 70-90cm class that will make the event very fishy and with live scoreboards, very exciting.

Give your family, fans and sponsors great value by being involved in the extensive event coverage. With more ‘daylight’ tournament hours, we will be able to generate excellent highlights. And you’ll only need an action camera to be included.









Arena: Lake Awoonga, Gladstone, Queensland.

Date: 29 September – 1 October 2020. Tournament evenings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Team Registration: Compleat Angler Gladstone.  Teams to register with ABT staff at any time between 8:30am – 10:00am to collect event packs.

Format: Fishing sessions from 2pm-10pm each afternoon (may vary an hour each way depending on local conditions.

Teams: Teams will consist of two anglers. Anglers may choose their own teams.

Results Recording: Fish will be recorded on the ABT Tournament Series App and submitted live (where phone reception allows). Anglers will reconcile results with a written results sheet.


• ABT will produce a live pre-briefing show.

• Results will be published live immediately after verification to allow friends and fans to follow the action.

• ABT will deploy our recording and live cameras to offer live coverage and post-produced highlights reels per day.

• ABT will produce post-event winners’ interviews.

• FM Magazines will run comprehensive post-event reports in relevant magazines.

Payouts: After GST, paybacks will be at 100% of cash taken for entries, in a 1:5 cheque to team ratio. For example, 25 teams would generate 5 cash prize cheques.