2022 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings

  • The Overall BARRA Team of the Year (TOY) is the most prestigious award a BARRA team can achieve. It rewards the team who are the most consistent throughout the qualifying rounds, with points per round allocated according to placing. The first placed team in each event receives 100 points, and each place below that receives one less point.
  • Teams do not need to catch a fish to receive TOY points, however, they do need to fish both days in an event to score. This rewards teams who have made the effort to attend and fish events to the best of their ability.
  • Teams catching no fish for a tournament will receive 10 TOY points less than the last placed fish catching team.
  • Teams receive one bonus point per fish caught in their limit for each session. Eg.  Catching a full five barra limit in one session results in 5 bonus points, for a two day event this could mean up to 10 bonus points for the team. 
  • A team is the same two anglers fishing each event.  Swapping anglers between events will constitute a new team. 
  • Ties will be settled by countback. The team with the largest and subsequent largest bag will gain the higher place, otherwise the first team to reach their score gains the higher place.
  • At the end of the Rounds, TOY points are tallied and the BARRA Team of the Year is determined. A team’s best five events will count towards their Overall TOY Calculations.
  • The TOY from the previous year gets to start first in the first event of the series.

2022 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings
current as 11 November 2022

1530ANITA BARRA / HUMMINBIRD (Liam Robinson / James Wilson)8711010510494104107
2507VENOM (Troy Dixon / Adam Meredith)101103103105669585
3495IMAKATSU / DOBYNS RODS (Quintin Maclean / Mick Slade)9896102971026782
4493FISHING MONTHLY (Steve Morgan / Nicholle Smith)940085105101108
5483FISH WITH ME (Marc Edmonds / Evan Zikos)998492889993100
6459TBC (Peter Laine / Ben Williams)728908568105108
6459WILSON FISHING (Kord Luckas / Jeremy Cornelius)01078893547794
7455ABOUT TOWN BAIT & TACKLE (Michael Detenton / Luke Mulcahy)0869997848289
8438POND POUNDERS (Jason Crofts / Trevor Crofts)72909384769081
9429FAMILY AFFAIR (Colin Sohier / Liam Sohier)0988689717878
10418BARRA BANDITS (Moz Kahn / Glen Smith)7200609392101
11414SAMAKI (Josh Lowry / Tommy Wood)00010210498110
12409EJ TODD / TACKLEWORLD BUNDY (Jordan Stoddart / Nathan Sutton)920079976873
13407SMAK WILD (Thomas Herbohn / Brett Turner)880078968659
14396BASS MASTERS (Carl Jocumsen / Jeff Gustafson)00010310088105
15388MUSTAD SWAMP DOGS (Jono Clark / Adam Walker)720076829959
16375GARMIN (Dylan Mott / Matthew Mott)000831019695
17372MILLERODS / LOWRANCE (Al McNamara / Greg Beatie)000991037496
18366SOUTHERN FRIED (Lachlan Lathan / Kyle Lewis)0001008010383
19355MOTHER & SON (Paul Aldous / Ricky Doyle)720073686973
20354LOWRANCE (Peter Price / Ben Williams)00086908593
20354MULLET MAYHEM (Keegan Hayden / Brendon King)000778510290
21352LURED OBSESSION (Craig Booby / Andrew Murley)00081799498
22348LADS FROM THE SOUTH (Rick Goward / Ed Parks)00093789780
23340MINNREPAIRS & SERVICING / DUFF RODS (Blake O'Grady / Dave Welfare)00074928985
24338HUMMINBIRD (Roderick Walmsley / Benn Durkin)00091916690
25316ABERDEEN FISHING & OUTDOORS (Graham Ford / Nick Price)000100758259
26310DUFF RODS (Steve Duff / Luke Draper)00072877675
27300LOST CODS (Bryce Abbott / Josh Bartlett)00060779172
28299MADMUNDI (Ricky Wetherall / Nick Grob)00060808277
29295BEERS AND BARRAS (Russ Winters / Damien Kratz)00060955387
30293ATOMIC (Michael Starkey / Mick Martin)000089100104
31285WASTED SEAMEN (Ethan Svendsen / Brody Reay)00060807174
32256TASSIE TIGERS (Miro Mitrovich / Jamie Ware)72006006559
33246LEWS (Steve Kanowski / Michael Thompson)0008288760
34208CASTING MAYHEM (Joe Press / Adam Mears)01041040000
35201FISHING MONTHLY (Steve Morgan / Joseph Williams)01011000000
36194COMPLEAT ANGLER CAIRNS (Harry Bezuidenhout / Ron Bruggemann)097970000
37187TOLGA TRADERS (Cameron Browning / Mack Burns)098890000
381842WARDS FISHING (Caleb Ward / Riley Ward)091930000
39183FERRARO FARMIN (Frankie Ferraro / David Hapgood)085980000
40180THUMB LOCK (Dean McLaren / Jordan Torrisi)094860000
41178RAPALA (Tim Morgan / Matt Osley)000928600
42173BREAM W@NK@Z (Jamie McKeown / Taigan Heath)000759800
43161NOT FOR SALE (Joseph Williams / Nav Naidoo)000007091
44145THE ROOKIES (Logan Jones / Samuel Williamson)000073720
45108BARRA DRAMA (Keeghan Hayden / Geoff Newby)108000000
46105SCHWERIN CONCRETING / BASS TO BARRA (Dylan Mott / Jake Schwerin)105000000
47103SAMAKI / SCMED (Rob Wood / Tommy Wood)103000000
48101J & D AYES NFS (Jesse Hayes / David Mayes)001010000
4996SPORTY'S / EJ TODD (Jonno Bale / Travis Payne)96000000
5095HOT REELS (Stephen Purnell / Paul Thompson)95000000
5193BARRA WHISPERS (Phill Lyons / Andrew Murley)93000000
5292PHIBBS (Paul Phibbs / Blake Phibbs)09200000
5391WAZ & DAN (Warwick Lyndon / Dan Kaggelis)00910000
5490BREAM W@NK@Z (Jamie McKeown / Wally Fahey)90000000
5590GATTON BREWING & OUTDOORS (Richard Mischke / Luke Sticklen)90000000
5689WAZ & HAZ (Warwick Lyndon / Harry Simpson)08900000
5787BOOF HEADS (Steven Moore / Craig Ninnes)00000870
5886WARICK OUTDOOR & SPORTS (James Buchner / Cody Haynes)86000000
5985RENEGADE (Nathan Hooton / Bryan Pisani)85000000
6084BARRA BOYS (Tom Ryan / Josh Towie)84000000
6173DUMB & DUMBER (Tate Gowan / Aidan Leibel)00730000
6072GLADSTONE FLY & SPORTS FISHING (Justin Nye / Cory Gooch)72000000
6072MOLIX SOUTHGATE (Taigan Heath / Russ Winters)72000000
6072STINK FINGER (Chris Arnold / Luke Opelt)72000000
6072TRACKER (Anthony Pelling / Kris Lassig)72000000
6072UNDERDOGS (Brett Fien / Max Fien)72000000