BASS Pro Series (Calendar, Rules, Forms, Entry Lists and Info Sheets)

The Sufix BASS Pro Series features six qualifying events in 2020.  Bass fans will also want to mark the Rapala BASS Australian Open on their calendars in September. 

Visiting five lake and one river venues, the season leads to the Sufix BASS Pro Grand Final at Cania Dam in 2020. 

The Sufix BASS Pro series remains shared-weight in 2020, providing an excellent pathway for newcomers to the sport to compete in a friendly environment and to learn plenty from their boat-owning partners.

The Grand Final will be contested by the top 30 boaters and non-boaters from the season.

Sufix BASS Pro Qualifiers – Boater $275, Non Boater $150

2020 Sufix BASS Pro Series Rules

2020 Sufix BASS Pro Entry Form

2020 ABT Membership Form

21/22nd March NSW Lake St Clair R1 Sufix Click Here Click Here
25/26 April NSW Clarence River R2 Megabass Click Here Coming soon
23/24 May NSW Glenbawn Dam R3 Keitech Click Here Coming soon
20/21 June QLD Cania Dam R4 Bassman Spinnerbaits Click Here Coming soon
18/19 July QLD Wivenhoe Dam R5 Ecogear Click Here Coming soon
8/9 August QLD Somerset Dam R6 Evinrude Click Here Coming soon
3/4 October QLD Cania Dam Grand Final Sufix Coming soon Coming soon
12/13 September NSW Glenbawn Dam BASS Australian Open Rapala Coming soon Coming soon