Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 2.17.50 pmBluefin Boats have been ABT sponsors for over a decade, their commitment to tournament fishing shows just how much Bluefin care about the anglers.

In 2016 Bluefin will again offer a 5% discount to ABT members across their entire rang of boats to help more anglers get on the water in new Bluefin’s.

The Bluefin ABT Member discount is accessed by contacting Bluefin Boats directly at, during this process Bluefin will liaise with the potential customer direct and work through their local dealer to prepare a customized quote on the vessel of their choice including the 5% ABT Member discount.

Brad Richey, co-owner of Bluefin Boats is excited to continue offering this great deal to ABT members in 2016.

“The Bluefin ABT discount has been running for three or four years now, and we’re excited to continue that into 2016.” ABT’s Simon Goldsmith explains why Bluefin are the best aluminium boats on the market,

“The Bluefin boats are really well suited to what the majority of our anglers desire, and there’s a model to suit almost every tournament situation from BASS Electric anglers to serious BREAM and BASS Pro events.”

If you’re in the market for a new boat in 2016, make sure to contact Bluefin to gain access to your customized quote.

You can see the entire Bluefin range on their website at