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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2021 • 13 Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final – Richmond River (17/18 December)


Session 2 - Saturday 18th Dec

8:30pm -
Here's the moment we announced the winner of the $62K Alloycraft boat package: 

8:00pm -
Here's the winner's gallery from the final presentation:

3:00pm - 
It's official! With a last, very important, fish caught twenty minutes before the end of the session Dane Pryce secured himself the win and is the 2021 13Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final Boater Champion.  Paul Mazaroli is the 2021 13Fishing Bass Pro Grand Final Non Boater Champion. More to come plus winner's interviews but for now...the ABT crew is hitting the road to head south to Maclean for the BREAM Grand Final Briefing on in a couple of hours. 

1:30pm -
All anglers are in and it's getting busy here at the event site.  Scoreboards are on hold for a little while as we build suspense for the final result!

12noon -
New Big Bass for Boater Dane Pryce.  A 46cm, 1.9kg bass now has him moved into second place. 

11:30am -
Leaderboard change!  A upgrade with a 41cm 1.368kg bass puts Matthew Langford into the lead. 

10:30am -
We have a new Big Bass in the boaters with Ian Wratten recording a 41cm (1.315kg) fish.   Nick Brunyee has jumped back into the number one spot with a 400g lead over Jake Schwerin.  

9:30am - No changes to the leader board for the last half hour.  Our top five all have 6kg + bags with Dane Pryce in fifth place still to land his fifth fish for the session. 

9:00am -
Looking for something to watch on a Saturday morning?  Steve Morgan is live streaming his day on the Richmond River: 

8: 50am -
More leaderboard changes with Jake Schwerin moving into first.  He is exactly 100g ahead of second placed Nick Brunyee.  To take the lead Nick Brunyee needs to upgrade his smallest bass which is currently a 478g (30cm) fish for a 32cm (589g) or bigger fish. 

8:15am -
Non Boater leader Paul Mazaroli has just registered his second bass for the session giving him a 5/6 limit for the event for 4.209kg.

7:50am -
Here's the start gallery from this morning:

7:25am -
Nick Brunyee is the first angler of the day to get their session limit.  He is coming first with a 10/10 limit for 6.7kg.  Second placed Matthew Langford still has two bass to go to secure his limit and we are yet to hear from Session 1 leader Mitch Cone. 

7:15am - Another leaderboard change with Nick Brunyee moving to the top of the scoreboard.  He has caught 3/5 of his limit for the day so far and is currently 280grams ahead of Matthew Langford.  Tim Morgan has just sent through one of the most recent catches with a photo of the gear he is using this morning:

6:50am -
Leaderboard change, with an early few catches on the board Steve Morgan is currently at the top of the leaderboard with 8/10 bass for 4.736kg. 

6:30am - 
The first fish of the session have starting coming through with Matt Langford, Mike Nelson, Tim Oakley and Paul Mazaroli on the board so far today. Here's the first angler photo of the day from Steve Morgan. 

6:00am -
All anglers have been checked out and the final session of the 2021 13Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final is officially underway.  Today is the day we find out who our 2021 Grand Final Champions are and who is taking home the $60,000 Alloycraft Boat Package!


Session 1 - Friday 17th Dec

7:00pm -
Here's the session one highlights from the 13Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final:


3:00pm - Anglers are all back and catches are checked.  A few late entries have shaken the leaderboard up a little at the end of the session.  Mitchell Cone has taken the number one spot this afternoon with a five bass limit for 4.297kg.  Nick Brunyee is in second with the only other limit over 4kg today with 5 bass for 4.177kg.  Over for the non-boaters, Paul Mazaroli held onto the top spot for the entire session with a 3 bass limit for 2.437kg and Bridgett Currey is in second with a 3 bass limit for 2.123kg.  We'll get the angler highlights video for the session up in a few hours. 

1:30pm -
Catches are definitely slowing down as we head towards the last 30 mins of the session for the first flight of anglers.  Mitch Cone is one of the anglers to send through one of the most recent catches and along with it a bit of insight into what he is using today: 

12:30pm -
Catches have slowed a little as we head into the last 90mins of the session.  No leaderboard changes in the last hour.  We are still waiting to hear from nine boaters and one non boater.  They may have fish but haven't been able to load them through the app due to phone service coverage issues.  There's been 160 bass submitted between the 31 anglers on the scoreboard so far today. 

11:30am -
Nick Brunyee is still in the lead and the only angler so far to crack a 4kg bag.  He currently has 5/5 bass for 4.177kg.  We now have 22/31 of the boaters on the scoreboard and 9/10 non boaters. 

10:35am - Dane Pryce is fishing solo today and with no one to take photos of him, he is working hard to find ways to send his Glory Photos to share his day with us back at HQ.  Thanks for the efforts Dane!  Dane is currently in 9th place with a five bass limit for 2.564kg. 

10:20am -
More leaderboard changes with Nicholas Brunyee and Jonno Bale now first and second for the boaters.  Nick has his five bass limit for 3.921kg, one upgrade and he'll be cracking the 4kg bag mark.  Here's a pic just sent through from Mike Nelson who is currently rounding out our top 5.  This is Mike's biggest fish so far this session registering at just under 1kg.  We now have 21/31 boaters on the board and 8/10 non boaters. 

9:40am -
A leaderboard change for the boaters with Jake Schwerin moving to the top.  Jake has a five bass limit for 3.826kg.  Matthew Langford moves into second with a 5 bass limit for 3.771kg.   Here is non boater Matt Cameron with his last catch which fills his 3/3 limit and currently has him in third place. 

8:50am -
Plenty more catches starting to come through.  Matthew Langford and Paul Mazaroli are holding onto nice leads for boaters and non boaters.   Here's a great catch just through from Mitchell Cone.  Mitchell is currently in 7th place and is 1.5kg behind the leader.  This bass registered at 0.787kg. 

8:15am -
We now have 18 boaters on the scoreboard with the latest catch coming through from Mark Lennox - this one pictured below registered at 0.382kg.  Half the non-boater field are now on the scoreboard.

7:35am -
Beau Everleigh is all grins with the biggest non-boater bass recorded so far in the session.  This one registered at 0.787kg.  Four non-boaters are now on the scoreboard with Beau in third.  14/31 boaters are now on the board. 

7:25am -
Nick Brown is on the non-boater scoreboard and looking pretty pleased with himself.  This one registered in at .651kg putting him in third.  3 out of 10 non boaters have now recorded catches.

7:15am -
Want something to watch until the cricket starts this afternoon?  Steve Morgan is live-streaming his day on the Richmond River.  Check it out here: 

7:05am -
Matthew Langford is the first boater with a 5 bass limit on the board.  5/5 for 3.229kg. 

7:00am -
One hour into the session and non-boater Paul Mazaroli is the first angler on the scoreboard with their full limit.  He currently has 3/3 bass for 1.065kg.  Paul is the only non-boater to enter fish so far this session.  Matthew Langford is on track to be the first boater to log a limit with a 4/5 bass on the board so far for a total of 2.847kg.  So far 8 boaters have recorded catches for the session.   Follow the live scoreboards on the next tab across ->.

6:00am -
The 2021 13Fishing BASS Pro Series Grand Final is officially underway.  31 boats have taken to the Richmond River with boaters chasing a 5 bass limit and non boaters chasing a 3 bass limit for the session.  Anglers are running across three flights this afternoon and are due back between 2pm and 2:30pm this afternoon. 

Thursday 16th Dec

9:00pm -
The briefing for the 2021 13 Fishing BASS Pro Series is done and dusted.  A shout out to the team at Casino Outdoors & Disposals for their hospitality for the briefing.  We managed to get it all done before the rain!

2:00pm -
That's a wrap for the angler's pre-fish.  All boats must now be off the water as a pre-fish ban kicks back in until we kick off tomorrow morning.

Length (mm) Weight (kg)
150 0.050
155 0.056
160 0.062
165 0.069
170 0.076
175 0.083
180 0.091
185 0.100
190 0.109
195 0.118
200 0.128
205 0.139
210 0.150
215 0.162
220 0.175
225 0.188
230 0.202
235 0.216
240 0.232
245 0.248
250 0.265
255 0.282
260 0.300
265 0.320
270 0.339
275 0.360
280 0.382
285 0.405
290 0.428
295 0.452
300 0.478
305 0.504
310 0.531
315 0.560
320 0.589
325 0.619
330 0.651
335 0.683
340 0.717
345 0.752
350 0.787
355 0.824
360 0.863
365 0.902
370 0.943
375 0.985
380 1.028
385 1.072
390 1.118
395 1.165
400 1.214
405 1.264
410 1.315
415 1.368
420 1.422
425 1.478
430 1.535
435 1.593
440 1.653
445 1.715
450 1.778
455 1.843
460 1.910
465 1.978
470 2.048
475 2.119
480 2.192
485 2.267
490 2.344
495 2.422
500 2.502
505 2.584
510 2.668
515 2.754
520 2.842
525 2.931
530 3.023
535 3.116
540 3.212
545 3.309
550 3.408
555 3.510
560 3.613
565 3.719
570 3.827
575 3.937
580 4.049
585 4.163
590 4.280
595 4.398
600 4.519

It was a random draw at the briefing.  Here are the angler pairings and the flight times for our 13 Fishing BASS Pro Grand Finalists:


Day 1 Start Boater Non Boater Day 1 Non Boater Day 2 Day 1 Finish Day 2 Finish
1 Tim Morgan Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
2 Keeghan Painter Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
3 Trent Blake Spare Bridgett Currey 2:00pm 1:30pm
4 Jonathan Bale Bridgett Currey Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
5 Brad Wickson Matt Cameron Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
6 Greg Burke Spare Matt Cameron 2:00pm 1:30pm
7 Nick Brunyee Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
8 Ian Wratten Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
9 Brian Everingham Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
10 John Noble Spare Spare 2:00pm 1:30pm
11 Dylan Walsh Shane Richards Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
12 Allan McNamara Spare Shane Richards 2:15pm 1:15pm
13 Mike Nelson Paul Mazaroli Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
14 Steve Kanowski Spare Paul Mazaroli 2:15pm 1:15pm
15 Bill Rose Spare Beau Eveleigh 2:15pm 1:15pm
16 John Ciancio Beau Eveleigh Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
17 Mitchell Cone Greg Rigby Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
18 Simon Marchant Spare Greg Rigby 2:15pm 1:15pm
19 Dane Price Spare Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
20 Corey Goldie Spare Spare 2:15pm 1:15pm
21 Steve Morgan Spare Jason Sheehan 2:30pm 1:00pm
22 Matthew Langford Jason Sheehan Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
23 Mark Lennox Nick Brown Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
24 Phillip Nix Spare Nick Brown 2:30pm 1:00pm
25 Jake Schwerin Adam Wilson Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
26 Michael Thompson Spare Adam Wilson 2:30pm 1:00pm
27 Tim Oakley Kelvin Hatton Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
28 Bill Latimer Spare Kelvin Hatton 2:30pm 1:00pm
29 Collin Robinson Spare Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
30 Graham Ford Spare Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm
31 Kris Banks  Spare Spare 2:30pm 1:00pm

Welcome to the 13 Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final. We’re happy to be able to have a Grand Final in 2021.

Details are below.  We are using the ABT Tournament Series App for this event. This will be an individual (instead of shared) weight event with boaters fishing for a five bass limit and non boaters fishing for a three bass limit. 

Competitors who have fished (or entered at the time of cancellation) three events across 2020/21 will get an invitation.


Richmond River and tributaries from Coraki, NSW.



  • Pre-Fish Ban: Monday 6th December - first light, Thursday 16th December, 2021
  • Practice Day: From first light - 2pm, Thursday 16th December, 2021
  • Day 1: 6am - 2:00pm, Friday 17th December, 2021 (we will be running three flights)
  • Day 2: 6am - 1:00pm, Saturday 18th December, 2021 (we will be running three flights)



Boater $330

Non-boater $220



This event will be run on the ABT Tournament Series App.
This is an individual weight event with a five fish limit in place for boaters and a three fish limit in place for non-boaters. 



Alloycraft (BlueFin) bass boat with Mercury 115HP ProXS 4-stroke outboard, Garmin Force electric motor, trailer, Lowrance fishfinder, Power Pole, Green Marine lithium batteries and Hydrowave assembled by OMP Designs



Generous assortment of sponsor product for the top-10 placed non-boaters.



Entry list current as at 16 December  2021

Start Boater Non Boater
1 Tim Morgan Paul Mazaroli
2 Collin Robinson Greg Rigby
3 Matthew Langford Kelvin Hatton
4 Tim Oakley Shane Richards
5 Steve Kanowski  Matt Cameron
6 Jonathan Bale Adam Wilson
7 Steve Morgan Jason Sheehan
8 Nick Brunyee Bridgett Currey
9 Mike Nelson Nick Brown
10 Bill Rose Beau Eveleigh
11 Mitchell Cone  
12 John Noble  
13 Greg Burke  
14 Bill Latimer  
15 Graham Ford  
16 Dane Price  
17 Corey Goldie  
18 Brian Everingham  
19 Simon Marchant  
20 Phillip Nix  
21 Dylan Walsh  
22 Mark Lennox  
23 Brad Wickson  
24 John Ciancio  
25 Michael Thompson  
26 Keeghan Painter  
27 Kris Banks  
28 Jake Schwerin  
29 Trent Blake  
30 Allan McNamara  
31 Ian Wratten