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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2021 Zerek BARRA Tour | Round 2: Molix Lake Tinaroo (17 Oct) LIVE EVENT


7:20am - All teams are in and catches are verified.  Congratulations to Anita Barra! An 89kg limit all done by midnight.  Presentation to come. 

6:10am -
Into the final 50mins of the session and the catches are still coming through.  Nice pic from Brett Turner for Smak Wild.  This fish is 12kg and bang on the metre mark. 

5:50am -
Sunrise BARRA with Jeremy Cornelius for Wilson Fishing.  This one goes 17kg and 1090mm. 

5:30am -
Another 8 barra landed since the last update.  The sun is rising over the lake. 

4:45am -
27kg of Tinaroo BARRA for Dan Kaggelis of team Sunline measuring 1210mm.  Pic to come.

3:50am -
More fish through in the last twenty minutes from SC Marine Doctor, On the Cast and Duck Nose. 

3:30am -
A couple of catches through in the last fifteen minutes.  This could be the start of things getting busy! 

2:30am -
Things have slowed up on the scoreboards the last couple of hours while teams get a few hours sleep in preparation for the pre-dawn bite.  Team Anita Barra have quietly slipped into the lead with a 4kg advantage on About Town Bait & Tackle. 

11:00pm -
We're halfway through the session and it's shaping up to be another close finish.  There's currently approx 900g between first (About Town Bait and Tackle) and second (Anita Barra).

10:50pm -
Another awesome BARRA just came through, caught by Jeremy Cornelius for Wilson Fishing.  This one hits the scales at 22kg and measures 1180mm. 

10:30pm -
A few more barra through in the last half an hour including this one from Anita Barra caught by Liam Robinson.  It hits the scales at 17kg and measures 1100mm. 

10:00pm -
While we're waiting on some more barra catches to come through, here is the Winner's Interview with Team Fishing Monthly and runners-up Anita Barra from the first round at Tinaroo: 

9:30pm -
New Big BARRA for the series!! Check out this one just caught by Michael Detenon.  29kg of solid BARRA measuring 1230mm. 

9:10pm -
Anita Barra takes the lead with a 17kg beauty landed by James Wilson. 

9:00pm -
This one came through from Joe Press for On The Cast with the message 'Personal Best' weighs in at 1.15kg and measures 380mm...

8:30pm -
Atherton Bait & Tackle have taken the lead.  SC Marine Electrical is the first team on the board tonight with their five BARRA limit. 

7:40pm -
A few more fish starting to come through.  Teams Atherton Bait & Tackle, Anita BARRA and Wilson Fishing all landing fish in the last five minutes. 

7:30pm -
Troy Dixon for team Venom on to meter + fish, the latest being a 12kg 1010mm BARRA.

7:15pm -
Tolga Traders have found the spot - three fish in under 10 minutes! 

7:06pm -
Luke Mulcahy has found his pants and a 1020mm Barra. 

7:02pm -
SC Marine Doctor now with 4 on the board and on their way to be the first team with a limit tonight. 

7:00pm -
Peter Laine for team T.B.C with 1110mm of Tinaroo BARRA.  They are getting bigger as the session goes on! 

6:45pm -
Awesome sunset BARRA from Adam Meredith for team Venom. 

6:20pm -
SC Marine Doctor is off to a cracking start. Three BARRA on the board already for a little over 35kg. 

6:00pm -
T.B.C are team six  to log a catch with a 13kg BARRA measuring in at 1030mm. 

5:45pm -
Wilson Fishing are team number five on the board this afternoon with a nice 12kg fish measuring in at 1010mm. 

5:00pm -
It's McLaren Engineering's first ABT event and they are the fourth team on the scoreboard this afternoon.  We're just waiting on the brag mat photo to come through to verify this catch. 

4:00pm -
A good start to the session for About Town Bait & Tackle.  Luke Mulcahy just put through this 16kg BARRA measuring in at 1080mm....we think the rain dissolved his pants. 

3:48pm -
First fish on the board from SC Marine Doctor.  Looks like a metery.  Waiting on the photo to come through to verify. 

3:30pm -
The rains are here! Hope anglers packed their wet weather gear!

3:00pm -
Teams are away for the all night session on Lake Tinaroo.  16 teams in this event all fishing for their best five fish limit between 3pm - 7am tomorrow morning.  There's a little bit of thunder around the lake and a few dark clouds.  A afternoon storm may be on the cards to kick off the session. 

- Teams are preparing for one of two marathon all night sessions for the 2021 Zerek BARRA Series, the first being the Molix sponsored round at Lake Tinaroo.  Full coverage across the lake means LIVE scoreboards all session.  Anglers are due lakeside for the presentation of the Wilson round at 2pm, the briefing for this event to follow immediately after.  Today's session kicks off today at 3:00pm (or earlier if everyone is in and ready to go) and finishes at 7am tomorrow morning.  A big night ahead for our teams! 

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Yungaburra, Lake Tinaroo, QLD.


Sunday 17th October 2021


Per Team ($250. inc. GST). ABT Membership required.


There will be no practice fishing on the day of the event. Practice fishing is allowed until 12 midnight the evening before the event.


Prefishing is permitted up until the prefish ban starts 12 midnight the evening before the event.


Yungaburra Boat Ramp


Within the exclusion zone along the dam wall.

n.b these exclusion zones are shown on a sign at the boat ramp.


3pm Sunday 17th October - 7am Monday 18th October


2:30pm  Sunday 17th of October at the Yungaburra Boat Ramp.  At the briefing ABT staff will be checking to make sure you are holding a current SIP and at the checkout, they will be checking for working navigation lights, PFDs and a functioning kill switch.


7:30am Monday 18th October at the Yungaburra Boat Ramp.

ABT (07) 3387 0888

QLD Stocked Impoundment Permit

Zerek BARRA Tour Rules  

Entry list current as at 15 October 2021


Start Team Angler 1 Angler 2
1 Venom Troy Dixon Adam Meredith
2 Smak Wild Brett Turner Thomas Herbohn
3 Fishing Monthly Steve Morgan Joe Williams
4 Wilson Fishing Kord Luckas Jeremy Cornelius
5 SC Marine Doctor Rob Wood Tommy Wood
6 T.B.C Peter Laine Ben Williams
7 Anita Barra Liam Robinson James Wilson
8 Sunline Dan Kaggelis Warwick Lyndon
9 Niki & Paul Paul Phibbs Niki Phibbs
10 About Town Bait & Tackle Michael Detenon Luke Mulcahy
11 Tolga Traders Cameron Browning Liam Sohier
12 On The Cast Sam Brown Joe Press
13 Wilson Young Guns Frankie Ferraro David Hapgood
14 Duck Nose Daniel Goodhew Nathan Ruth
15 McLaren Engineering Jadd Cohu Dean McLaren
16 Pete & Karim Karim De Ridder Peter Cherritt

Team NameAngler 1Angler 2FishWeight (Kg)Biggest BreamRookie
JohnJohn Siggs53.620.82
NuLook floorsJamie MckeownSteve Nicholls53.570.74
Pontoon 21Denis MetzdorfKhoi Phan53.531.04
NeckemallAndrew BuhagiarAlex Baffod52.730.68Yes
Russ & WhipsBrandon GouldingDarren Russel52.70Yes
RangerStuart Robinson52.64
Too EarlyCharlie Saykao52.28
T1T2Tim GeideNatasha Nielson52.23Yes
BonzoGary MiddletonRos Middleton52.11
Simrad/BurkleyStephen Wilson52.05
IntaflowMark Saric41.95
Sunstate HobieScott SandilandStephen Maas41.80
Nathan PalmerJordan Schulz41.52
15 HorsesEthan MckeownTrent West41.49Yes