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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2022 Daiwa BREAM Series Grand Final, Mallacoota (25,26,27 Nov) | Event Results

Join us from 2:15pm local time on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th for the LIVE weigh ins of the 2022 Daiwa BREAM Series Grand Final. 

Can't see the live results?  Click here for final session results. 

Day 3 pairings based on angler session two placings: 

Day 3 Start Boater Non Boater
1 Brad Hodges Michael Sammut
2 Mark Crompton Grayson Fong
3 Declan Betts David Shanahan
4 Steven Pryke Bobby Sproule
5 Kristoffer Hickson Jordan Armstrong
6 Peter Nord Stuart Walker
7 Peter Breukel Lance Marsh
8 Steve Morgan Taka Kawasaki
9 Cameron Whittam Jarrad Stevens
10 Jason Mayberry Thomas Wood
11 Mario Vukic Ruth Beeby
12 Andrew Moore Allan Lavell
13 Paul Langley Allan Morrison
14 Scott Wilson Harry Young
15 Tom Deer Lindsay Pryke
16 Tony Pettie Craig Doherty
17 Brett Crowe David Bennett
18 Scott Towner John Parkinson
19 Alan Lister Colin Wilson
20 Grant Oliver Jake Aiken
21 Jesse Rotin Andrew Lovell
22 Drew Griffith Joel McKenzie
23 Rodney O'Sullivan Neil Kelly
24 Steve Nedeski David Morris
25 Mark Hayes Raymon Cooper
26 Allan Murray Dallas Blatchford
27 Daryl Baird Andrew Williams
28 Wally Fahey  
29 Rhys Harris Gordon Pullin
30 Geoff Alford  
31 Jonathon Fitzgibbon  
32 Mathew Fatafehi  

Steve Morgan Session 2 Livestream

Session 2 Start Gallery

Session 1 Wrap Up with Leaders


Session 1 Weigh In Photo Gallery

Steve Morgan - Day 1 Livestream


Day 1 Start Photo Gallery

Pre-Briefing LIVE Show


Mallacoota, VIC



25 - 27 November 2022



Boater $330, Non Boater $220. ABT Membership Required.  Entry by invitation only. 



Boater / Non Boater individual bag weigh in.   Boater five bream bag; non boater three bream bag. 



From Monday 21st November  - first light Thursday 24th November.



From first light Thursday 24th November - 3pm. 






7am to 2pm each day.



Mallacoota Golf Club
Thursday 24th November
5:oopm registration
6:00pm briefing including angler GF dinner. 



Mallacoota foreshore following final weigh in. 

Entry List current as of 17 November 2022

Geoff Alford Michael Sammut
Tom Deer Jarrad Stevens
Alan Lister Ruth Beeby
Mario Vukic Bobby Sproule
Brett Crowe Dallas Blatchford
Rodney O'Sullivan Neil Kelly
Drew Griffith David Morris
Paul Langley Raymon Cooper
Steve Morgan Tommy Wood
Allan Murray Allan Morrison
Jason Mayberry Craig Doherty
Grant Oliver Col Wilson
Scott Wilson Allan Lavell
Brad Hodges Taka Kawasaki
Steve Nedeski Lindsay Pryke
Mark Hayes Harry Young
Tony Pettie David Shanahan
Peter Nord Stuart Walker
Steven Pryke Grayson Fong
Peter Breukel Joel McKenzie
Mark Crompton Gordon Pullin
Jon Fitzgibbon Andrew Lovell
Jesse Rotin Andrew Williams
Darryl Baird Jordan Armstrong
Rhys Harris Lance Marsh
Kris Hickson Jake Aiken
Matthew Fatafehi David Bennett
Scott Towner John Parkinson
Declan Betts
Wally Fahey  
Andrew Moore
Cameron Whittam