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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2022 Daiwa BREAM Series | Hawkesbury River BREAM Qualifier (21/22 May) Event Information

Steve Morgan Day 1 LIVESTREAM

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Hawkesbury River, NSW

21/22 May 2022

Boaters ($250. inc. GST), Non Boaters ($125. inc. GST)

From Monday 9th May - first light Friday 20th May 2022.

Friday 20th May 2022  

See arena map on next tab. 

7am - 2pm

Conference Room
NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park
38 Lake Park Rd, North Narrabeen NSW 2101
Friday 20th May 2022. 
Registration from 5pm, Briefing will start at 6pm.
NB:  Anglers not staying at the Holiday Park will need to park vehicles on Lake Park Rd as there is not enough parking inside for everyone.

Bayview Park, Pittwater

Bayview Park, Pittwater


For information on New South Wales Coronavirus related restrictions/travel requirements visit:

Entry list current as of 19 May 2022


1 Jason Mayberry Neil Kelly YES
2 Steve Morgan Richard Hadlow  
3 Alan Lister Allan Lavell YES
4 Mark Saric Stephen Cyster  
5 Paul Langley Allan Morrison  
6 Brett Crowe John Parkinson  
7 Jamie McKeown Gordon Pullin  
8 Peter Cashman Simon Martin  
9 John Siggs Craig Doherty  
10 Vaughn Lewis Daniel Reynolds  
11 Ryland Sainsbury Joel McKenzie  
12 Adam Richards Lance Marsh  
13 Michael Colotouros Sam Peck  
14 Zakiah-Reginald Varley Aaron Bonser  
15 Adam Bertoldo James Croese YES
16 Peter Phelps Grayson Fong YES
17 Joe Darmody Simon McGuire  
18 Adam Kennedy John Glover  
19 Liam Carruthers Stuart Walker YES
20 Mario Vukic Jesse Rotin YES
21 Chris Greensill Glen Sturrock YES
22 Rodney O'Sullivan John Sainsbury YES
23 Grant Oliver David Shanahan  
24 Drew Griffith Glenn Allen  
25 Neville Enright  Malcolm Halliday YES
26 Allan Murray Dallas Blatchford YES
27 Ahmad Mahfoud Christian Bermudez YES
28 Mark Crompton Jack Kederian  
29 Bernard Kong Harry Young  
30 Steven  Pryke Lindsay Pryke YES
31 Tom Slater Michael Thompson YES
32 Scott Wilson Col Wilson YES
33 Judd Kirkland Matt Perry  
34 Andy Moore Jake Aiken YES
35 Craig Johnson Andrew Williams  
36 Steve Nedeski Tony Khouri YES
37 Grant Grounds Matthew DeBoer  
38 David Masters Darcy Clifton  
39 Matthew Fatafehi Brendan Parry  
40 Rob Kneeshaw    
41 Jamie Johnson    
42 Christian Wardini Louie Wardini YES

Day 1 Start Boater Day 1 Non Boater Day 2 Non Boater Day 1 Finish Day 2 Finish
1 Jason Mayberry Spare Jesse Rotin 2:00pm 2:40pm
2 Steve Morgan Jesse Rotin Spare 2:00pm 2:40pm
3 Alan Lister Glen Sturrock John Sainsbury 2:00pm 2:40pm
4 Mark Saric John Sainsbury Glen Sturrock 2:00pm 2:40pm
5 Paul Langley David Shanahan Glenn Allen 2:00pm 2:40pm
6 Brett Crowe Glenn Allen David Shanahan 2:00pm 2:40pm
7 Jamie McKeown Malcolm Halliday Dallas Blatchford 2:00pm 2:40pm
8 Peter Cashman Dallas Blatchford Malcolm Halliday 2:00pm 2:40pm
9 John Siggs Christian Bermudez Jack Kederian 2:00pm 2:40pm
10 Vaughn Lewis Jack Kederian Christian Bermudez 2:00pm 2:40pm
11 Ryland Sainsbury Harry Young Lindsay Pryke 2:00pm 2:40pm
12 Adam Richards Lindsay Pryke Harry Young 2:00pm 2:40pm
13 Michael Colotouros Michael Thompson Col Wilson 2:00pm 2:40pm
14 Zakiah-Reginald Varley Col Wilson Michael Thompson 2:00pm 2:40pm
15 Adam Bertoldo Matt Perry Brendan Parry 2:20pm 2:20pm
16 Peter Phelps Brendan Parry Matt Perry 2:20pm 2:20pm
17 Joe Darmody Jake Aiken Andrew Williams 2:20pm 2:20pm
18 Adam Kennedy Andrew Williams Jake Aiken 2:20pm 2:20pm
19 Liam Carruthers Tony Khouri Matthew DeBoer 2:20pm 2:20pm
20 Mario Vukic Matthew DeBoer Tony Khouri 2:20pm 2:20pm
21 Chris Greensill Darcy Clifton Louie Wardini 2:20pm 2:20pm
22 Rodney O'Sullivan Louie Wardini Darcy Clifton 2:20pm 2:20pm
23 Grant Oliver Neil Kelly Richard Hadlow 2:20pm 2:20pm
24 Drew Griffith Richard Hadlow Neil Kelly 2:20pm 2:20pm
25 Neville Enright Allan Lavell Stephen Cyster 2:20pm 2:20pm
26 Allan Murray Stephen Cyster Allan Lavell 2:20pm 2:20pm
27 Ahmad Mahfoud Allan Morrison John Parkinson 2:20pm 2:20pm
28 Mark Crompton John Parkinson Allan Morrison 2:20pm 2:20pm
29 Bernard Kong Gordon Pullin Simon Martin 2:20pm 2:20pm
30 Steven Pryke Simon Martin Gordon Pullin 2:20pm 2:20pm
31 Tom Slater Spare Craig Doherty 2:40pm 2:00pm
32 Scott Wilson Craig Doherty Spare 2:40pm 2:00pm
33 Judd Kirkland Daniel Reynolds Joel McKenzie 2:40pm 2:00pm
34 Andy Moore Joel McKenzie Daniel Reynolds 2:40pm 2:00pm
35 Craig Johnson Lance Marsh Sam Peck 2:40pm 2:00pm
36 Steve Nedeski Sam Peck Lance Marsh 2:40pm 2:00pm
37 Grant Grounds Aaron Bonser James Croese 2:40pm 2:00pm
38 David Masters James Croese Aaron Bonser 2:40pm 2:00pm
39 Matthew Fatafehi Grayson Fong Simon McGuire 2:40pm 2:00pm
40 Rob Kneeshaw Simon McGuire Grayson Fong 2:40pm 2:00pm
41 Jamie Johnson John Glover Taka Kawasaki 2:40pm 2:00pm
42 Christian Wardini Stuart Walker John Glover 2:40pm 2:00pm
43 Karl Stait Taka Kawasaki Stuart Walker 2:40pm 2:00pm