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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 13Fishing BASS Pro Grand Final (28/29 Oct) Lake Boondooma | Results & Info

Here’s the angler pairings and day one start order for the 2023 13Fishing BASS Pro Series Grand Final at Lake Boondooma: 

Boater Day One Non Boater Day Two Non Boater
Ryan Allen Spare Reece Winters
Tony Thorley Reece Winters Spare
Mick Johnson Stephen Mears Phillip Nix
Braden Schuch Phillip Nix Stephen Mears
Mitchell Cone Adam Mears Nick Brown
Greg Burke Nick Brown Adam Mears
Ben Hay Troy Lowe Marco Grubb
Brett Hyde Marco Grubb Troy Lowe
Brian Everingham Tyson Everleigh Barry Reynolds
John Noble Barry Reynolds Tyson Everleigh
Steve Morgan Allan Murray Spare
Brad Wickson Spare Allan Murray
Matthew Langford Bridget Currey Paul Mazaroli
Matt Johnson Paul Mazaroli Bridget Currey
Keeghan Painter Garry Wilton Jake Hardie
Jayson deForrest Haddleton Jake Hardie Garry Wilton
Shaun Falkenhagen Spare Tony Delahaye
Dane Pryce Tony Delahaye Spare
Corey Goldie Phil Hoyt Damien Winters
Mark Lennox Damien Winters Phil Hoyt

Lake Boondooma, QLD. 

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October 2023

Monday 16th October - Thursday 26th October 2023

Friday 27th October 2023, first light - 3pm. 

ENTRY FEE:       
$350 inc. GST boaters  / $250 inc GST non-boaters

Two tournament days; individual weight; 5-fish boater limit / 3-fish non boater limit each session; Weigh in at the conclusion of each session at Lake Boondooma Caravan and Recreation Park Foreshore.

Boater Prize - Alloycraft (BlueFin) bass boat with Mercury 60HP 4-stroke outboard, Motor Guide electric motor, trailer, Humminbird Sounder, Green Marine lithium batteries, Power-Pole.  
Non Boater Prize - $3,500 assortment of sponsor product for the top placed non-boaters. 

Saturday - 6am - 1pm
Sunday - 6am - 1pm 
Presentation to take place following final weigh in on Sunday afternoon. 

Friday 27th October
Lake Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park
40 Bushcamp Road (Via Proston QLD 4613)
4:30pm registration 
5:30pm briefing including angler GF dinner (included in entry fee).
[If you would like to add an additional dinner for anyone not competing but attending the briefing with you this can be arranged at a cost of $30.00 per head - please let ABT know]

WEIGH IN:        
Lake Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park Foreshore

Lake Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park
40 Bushcamp Road
via Proston QLD 4613
(07) 4168 9694

Entry list current as at 20 October 2023

Jayson deForrest-Haddleton Phil Hoyt
Brad Wickson Paul Mazaroli
Mitchell Cone Jake Hardie
Ryan Allen Garry Wilton
Ben Hay Barry Reynolds
Mick Johnson Allan Murray
Brian Everingham Marco Grubb
Gregory Burke Bridget Curry
Brett Hyde Reece Winters
Stephen Morgan Damien Winters
Corey Goldie Troy Lowe
Matt Johnson Phillip Nix
Matthew Langford Tony Delahaye
Mark Lennox Tyson Eveleigh
Shaun Falkenhagen Stephen Mears
John Noble Nick Brown
Dane Pryce Adam Mears
Tony Thorley  
Keeghan Painter  
Braden Schuch