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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 13Fishing BASS Pro Series | Ecogear Glenmaggie Dam (3/4 Feb) EVENT RESULTS


Johnson the BASSiest Boater at Glenmaggie

Mick Johnson added his name to the club of anglers who have won at both Victorian ABT venues after taking out the Ecogear Glenmaggie round of the 13 Fishing BASS Pro Series, the second of the two-event BASS Pro road trip to Victoria.

Johnson rode to victory on the back of a strong first day and kept ahead even though his second day limit was only 1/3 of the size of his first.

Here’s how he did it.

The practice day on Glenmaggie was wild and windy. In fact, few anglers were able to fish the rough side of the lake where there’s a slew of good, rocky banks that are populated by bass.

“My plan was always to fish the areas that were protected by the rough weather of the pre-fish day,” Johnson said, “and the bass obliged - I had all of my fish by 8.30am and not a bite after that.”

Mick was throwing a bait that Braden Schuch had given him the day before - a Daiwa Spike 44EXDR in Suji Berry colour. He cast it on a 13 Fishing OMEN 6’10” spin rod with a Shimano reel, 8lb Sufix 131 braid and a Sufix 8lb fluorocarbon leader.

The second day was definitely not as kind to Johnson, with the bass in his limit measuring between 21 and 25cm fork length.

Mick said that on the first day, he’d fish deeper water to get his bites early, but on the second day the fish actually got shallower as the day went on, which was counter intuitive. He landed 7 fish on Day 1 and 8 fish on Day 2.

“There’s something about fishing banks that look pretty plain on the second day at Glenmaggie - the good looking stuff usually gets hammered on the first couple of days,” he concluded.

With automatic qualification for the BASS Pro Grand Final in the can, Mick can now concentrate on winning a BASS Pro Angler of the Year title, although it’s shaping up to be a multi-faceted competition this year - with 196 out of a possible 200 points he’s third in the rankings behind Braden Schuch and Mitchell Cone.


As it happens, a pair of second placings in the Victorian BASS events is good enough to be leading the 2024 13 Fishing BASS Pro Series Angler of the Year points table for NSW Basser, Braden Schuch.

Schuch’s ascent up the leaderboard was remarkable after sitting in 14th place after Day One of competition. On the first day he didn’t bag a limit or a kicker fish in his 4/5, 0.778kg catch. These fish ate a prototype Daiwa Spike EXDR in bright colours.

Day Two was a different story, with a 37.5cm bass anchoring his 2.929kg limit and falling around 300g short of the win.

What did he do to turn it all around? He switched from the crankbait to a silent lipless bait - in particular a silent Japanese Trinity’s Custom Reflex Vibe in a black/purple colour.

He fished this bait around bass suspending in timber in the main basin of the lake on a Daiwa Tatula 23 722 MRB rod teamed with a Tatula 100s reel and 10lb straight through Daiwa fluorocarbon.

It was a definitive move.


Noah Crook has had a pretty good start to 2024 fishing tournaments. He won an entry into the ABT by placing highly at a Central Vic Lurecasters Super Series event a week before at Blue Rock. And on his first attempt at fishing an ABT from the back of the boat, he won. By 600 grams over second placed Ben Faro.

Noah’s young enough to have to be driven to the events by his old man, who watched with pride as he accepted his winner’s trophy and prizes and completed his winner’s interview.

He used a Wilson Blade n Tails rod that he also won at the first competition and paired it with a Daiwa TC Black reel and 10lb Sunline leader and braid to box a limit of 6/6, 2.334kg over the two days.

His bass ate a couple of baits - both fished on the Spin Wright jighead - a Rapala Crush City Suspect in Baitfish colour and a black Gulp!.

He fished with Bryce Abbot on Day One and Jesse Rotin on Day Two - and loved the experience of being in a bass boat for the first time. There’s a decent chance that he can talk the old man into taking him to the BASS Pro Grand Final at Lake St Clair in NSW later this year.

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Glenmaggie Dam, Victoria.



3/4 February 2024



Boater $275, Non Boater $150. ABT Membership Required.



This event will run 100% on the ABT Tournament Series app, with length/weight curves allocated to Australian Bass. 


Here is the link to the instruction video for the app, which can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store or from Google Play:



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The App gives us real, live scoreboards throughout the event and is an important part of marketing this event to spectators, so it’s important to become familiar with it.  


No fishing from Sunrise Monday 22nd January 2024 to first light on Friday the 2nd of February 2024.



From first light, Friday 2nd February 2024.



Glenmaggie & District Boat Club - camping available on site too.  Link available shortly,



No fishing/boating inside the buoyline at the dam wall or inside defined swimming areas.






Saturday: 6:30am to 2pm

Sunday: 6:30am to 1pm



Friday 2nd February 2024
Glenmaggie & District Boat Club
Registration from 3pm, Briefing will be at 4pm.



ASAP after final catch card is verified and angler catches are cross checked. 



Glenmaggie & District Boat Club
Camping facilities
Click here to secure your camp site



Entry list current as at 25th January 2024


1 Heath Kimber Nicholas Brown  
2 Jayson deForrest-Haddleton Barry Reynolds  
3 Paul Piper Jake Hardie  
4 Mick Johnson Luke Mason  
5 Frank Carabetta Ben Faro  
6 Steve Muldoon Elyon Cloete  
7 Keeghan Painter Taj Duff  
8 Braden Schuch Stephen Mears  
9 Tim Jones Leigh Mirams  
10 Simon Marchant Hudson Cole  
11 Adam Mears Noah Crook  
12 Steve Morgan Matthew Szucs  
13 Col Robinson Rob Tilley  
14 Matthew Langford    
15 Troy Lowe    
16 Luke Gilbert  Corey Goldie Yes
17 Tom Deer    
18 John Noble    
19 Mitchell Cone    
20 Dane Pryce    
21 Kevin Beams    
22 Steve Duff    
23 Jesse Rotin    
24 Bryce Abbott    
Length (mm) Weight (kg)
150 0.050
155 0.056
160 0.062
165 0.069
170 0.076
175 0.083
180 0.091
185 0.100
190 0.109
195 0.118
200 0.128
205 0.139
210 0.150
215 0.162
220 0.175
225 0.188
230 0.202
235 0.216
240 0.232
245 0.248
250 0.265
255 0.282
260 0.300
265 0.320
270 0.339
275 0.360
280 0.382
285 0.405
290 0.428
295 0.452
300 0.478
305 0.504
310 0.531
315 0.560
320 0.589
325 0.619
330 0.651
335 0.683
340 0.717
345 0.752
350 0.787
355 0.824
360 0.863
365 0.902
370 0.943
375 0.985
380 1.028
385 1.072
390 1.118
395 1.165
400 1.214
405 1.264
410 1.315
415 1.368
420 1.422
425 1.478
430 1.535
435 1.593
440 1.653
445 1.715
450 1.778
455 1.843
460 1.910
465 1.978
470 2.048
475 2.119
480 2.192
485 2.267
490 2.344
495 2.422
500 2.502
505 2.584
510 2.668
515 2.754
520 2.842
525 2.931
530 3.023
535 3.116
540 3.212
545 3.309
550 3.408
555 3.510
560 3.613
565 3.719
570 3.827
575 3.937
580 4.049
585 4.163
590 4.280
595 4.398
600 4.519