Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings

  • The Overall BARRA Team of the Year (TOY) is the most prestigious award a BARRA team can achieve. It rewards the team who are the most consistent throughout the qualifying rounds, with points per round allocated according to placing. The first placed team in each event receives 100 points, and each place below that receives one less point.
  • Teams do not need to catch a fish to receive TOY points, however, they do need to fish both days in an event to score. This rewards teams who have made the effort to attend and fish events to the best of their ability.
  • Teams catching no fish for a tournament will receive 10 TOY points less than the last placed fish catching team.
  • Teams receive one bonus point per fish caught in their limit for each session. Eg.  Catching a full five barra limit in one session results in 5 bonus points, for a two day event this could mean up to 10 bonus points for the team.
  • A team is the same two anglers fishing each event.  Swapping anglers between events will constitute a new team.
  • Ties will be settled by countback. The team with the largest and subsequent largest bag will gain the higher place, otherwise the first team to reach their score gains the higher place.
  • At the end of the Rounds, TOY points are tallied and the BARRA Team of the Year is determined. A team’s best five events will count towards their Overall TOY Calculations.
  • The TOY from the previous year gets to start first in the first event of the series.

2023 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings

current as 27th November 2023

RANKTEAMTOY POINTSOPENR1 TinarooR2 TinarooR3 TeemburraR4 KinchantR4 Faust
1SAMAKI (Tommy Wood & Josh Lowry)51610210510478101104
2COMPLEAT ANGLER CAIRNS (Ron Bruggemann & Harry Bez)50809610310599105
3FISH WITH ME (Marc Edmonds & Matt Dow)471988794989486
4ZEREK (Liam Robinson & Jeff Hodgson)46809398929590
5T.B.C (Peter Lain & Ben Williams)45101021015591102
6FISHING MONTHLY (Steve Morgan & Nicholle Smith)4499074741028895
7LIKELY LADS (Geoff Newby & Phill Lyons)427010374897982
8HOOKED_ON_EXPLORING (Darren Calvert & Ben Calvert)42309486698193
9SCALE RAISERS (Dwight Ryan & Aaron Williams)413877474906488
10VENOM (Troy Dixon & Adam Meredith)411737496818080
11DOBYNS RODS (Mick Slade & Ben Wilcox)393980087105103
12TRACKER (Anthony Pelling & Kris Lassig)38310610949092
13FAMILY AFFAIR (Liam Sohier & Ryan Sohier)37508974826763
14WILSON FISHING (Jeremy Cornelius & Luke Mulcahy)35507499555275
15ATOMIC (Michael Starkey & Michael Martin)34488005510299
16HALCO (Tim Carter & Jason Ehrlich)304000101103100
17FITZROY RIVER BARRA BASH (Ricky Conrad & Dean Lill)289000999298
18GARMIN (Dylan Mott & Matthew Mott)2760009510477
19MUNDI MADNESS (Anthony Mainas & Glen Smith)2720950755250
20RENEGADE (Bryan Pisani & Nathan Hooton)2717300715275
21RAPALA - CRUSHCITY (Tim Morgan & Mick Horn)2710007510096
22REDFERN (Callum Munro & Brett Turner)2690008781101
23EJ TODD/TACKLEWORLD BUNDY (Jordan Stoddart & Nathan Sutton)2620001047781
24BREAM WANKAZ (Taigan Heath & Jamie McKeown)260000869777
25BERGAGUI BAIT & TACKLE (Anthony Pscall & Stuart Pentin)246000997671
26LURED OBSESSION (Craig Booby & Andrew Murley)245000898472
27LOWRANCE (Peter Price & Greg Thomas)242000949850
28CANADA (Jeff Gustafson & Bryan Gustafson)237000559389
29CASTAIC (Murray Guest & Quintin Maclean)237000769665
30MUDSKIPPA SLOCKMASTERS (Brad Hocking & Nick Rutherford)235000965287
31FILLET AND RELEASE (Damien Kratz & Tony Thorley)233000828467
32MCFARLANE BOYS (Darcy McFarlane & Isaac McFarlane)227000558785
33BOMBER BROS (Keegan Hayden & Paul Jones)227000558884
341001 CASTS (Al Barrett & Grant Clements)223000816973
35CAST FISHING CO (Sam Williamson & Logan Jones)220000557491
36THE MEXICANS (Peter Breukel & Travis Ryan)213000687669
37E & S (Elaine Sanderson & Shane Sanderson)213000747168
38CASTING MAYHEM (Joe Press & Adam Mears)2060101105000
39BBB (Ashley Clem & Tom Griffiths)202000807250
40SCALES & TAILS (Zac Moss & Dwayne House)18992970000
41LAST CAST (Mitch Ferris & Josh Towie)189000725265
42ACM CUSTOM RODS (Dean McLaren & Jordan Torrisi)18809890000
43LJ'S COMPLEAT ANGLER GLADSTONE (Liam Jones & Leon Mittlehouser)18598087000
44CAVS MARINE & OUTDOOR (Raymond White & David Hapgood)18409094000
45WALLY N WOG (Mark Saric & Wally Fahey)183000556662
46DOUBLE SEA (John Coolee & Phill Coolee)182000676550
47WARD BROS (Caleb Ward & Riley Ward)17900008594
48GOT PERMISSION (Ray Holmes & Josh Gray)177000557250
49DUMB & DUMBER (Tate Gowan & Aidan Tiebel)17007496000
50RAPALA (Tim Morgan & Joe Williams)16807494000
51BIG POINT BANDITS (Riley Ward & Mack Burns)16307489000
52ON THE OTHER LINE (Rod Howard & Bryan Aquilina)16208874000
53BILLIE - BOB (Robert Lee & Billie Kelly)157000555250
54GLADSTONE FLY & SPORTSFISHING (Cory Gooch & Dean Silvester)10310300000
55SWAMP DOGS (Jono Clark & Adam Walker)10300010300
56SCHWERIN CONCRETING ( Jack Schwerin & John Schwerin)970000097
57BARRA BANDITS (Moz Khan & Glen Smith)969600000
58BARRA BOYS (Josh Towie & Thomas Ryan)959500000
59BLACKLISTED (Adam Sharam & Frazer Ryan)949400000
60SAMURAI (Rob March & Terry Allwood)939300000
61KNOT AGAIN (Adrian Dawson & Clifford Day)930930000
62BARRATRAUMA (Peter Laine & Zac Hunt)898900000
63J & D Ayes NFZ (David Mayes & Jesse Hayes)880088000
64BARRA DRAMA (Geoff Newby & Keeghan Hayden)868600000
65ANITA DURKIN/HUMMINBIRD (Liam Robinson & Benn Durkin)858500000
66GLADSTONE FLY & SPORTSFISHING (Cory Gooch & Warren Hansen)830000083
67D W (Warrick Lyndon & Dan Kaggelis)740074000
68TEAM PHIBBS (Paul Phibbs & Blake Phibbs)740740000
69BARRA WHISPERERS (Andrew Murley & Phill Lyons)737300000
70DONUTS/MC TILING GLADSTONE (Matthew Callow & Wade Doessel)737300000
71HOT REELS (Stephen Purnell & Jarrod Westerweller)737300000
72IMAKATSU (Quintin Maclean & Collin Brett)737300000
73NEPTUNES CREW (Josh Horkings & Sam Larson)737300000
74OLD FARTS (Stephen Chatterton & Les Jones)737300000
75SWEL OUTDOORS (Steve Kanowski & Mick Thompson)737300000
76REEL LOOSE (Craig Birkett & Brett Hampson)720007200
77LEGENED (Wayne Blundell & Casey Sawyer)520000520