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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 Daiwa BREAM Grand Final, Port Stephens (3-5 Nov) | Event Results & Info

Below are the Estimator Scoreboards live from the water.  This is the not the final result.  Final session results will be determined via a weigh in starting at 2:00pm local time each day. 

Each session, the angler that estimates closest to their weigh in result will receive a bonus $500 cheque. 

Session One Winner:  Al Murray, estimated weight of 300g (1 fish); actual weight of 300g (1 fish).  Congrats Al! 
Session Two Winner:  Joseph Gardner, estimated weight of 1.47kg (3 fish); actual weight of 1.46kg (3 fish).  Congrats Joe!
Session Three Winner:  Al Lister, estimated weight of 2.678kg (5 fish); actual weight of 2.715kg (5 fish).  Well done Al! 



Port Stephens, NSW (Soldiers Point)

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th November 2023

Monday 23rd October - first light Thursday 2nd November.

Thursday 2nd November, first light - 3pm. 

ENTRY FEE:       
$350 inc. GST boaters  / $250 inc GST non-boaters

Three tournament days; individual weight; 5-fish boater limit / 3-fish non boater limit each session; Weigh in at the conclusion of each session at Soldiers Point Boat Ramp.

Boater Prize - Alloycraft (BlueFin) bass boat with Mercury 60HP 4-stroke outboard, Garmin Force electric motor, trailer, Garmin Sounder, Garmin Livescope, Green Marine lithium batteries, Power-Pole.  
Non Boater Prize - Generous assortment of sponsor product for the top placed non-boaters. 

Friday - 7am - 2pm
Saturday - 7am - 2pm
Sunday - 7am - 2pm 
Presentation to take place following final weigh in on Sunday afternoon. 

Thursday  2nd November
Soldiers Point Bowling Club
118 Soldiers Point Rd, Soldiers Point NSW 2317
5.00pm registration 
6.00pm briefing including angler GF dinner (included in entry fee).
[If you would like to add an additional dinner for anyone not competing but attending the briefing with you this can be arranged at a cost of $30.00 per head - please let ABT know]

WEIGH IN:        
Soldiers Point Boat Ramp

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Soliders Point
122 Soldiers Point Rd
Soldiers Point NSW 2317
(02) 4982 7300
5 mins from ramp, limited sites available

BIG4 Bays Holiday Park
23 Port Stephens Drive
Anna Bay NSW 2316
(02) 4982 1438
10mins from ramp, plenty of room for boats.

Day 3 Final Angler Pairings and Finish Time

Start Day 3 Boater Non Boater Finish Time
1 Mark Crompton Ryan Vanderburg 2:00pm
2 Scott Wilson Taka Kawasaki 2:00pm
3 Mark Healey John Glover 2:00pm
4 Alan Lister Nathan Booth 2:00pm
5 Cameron Whittam Neil Kelly 2:00pm
6 Steve Morgan Marlon Thompson 2:00pm
7 Christian Wardini Richard Hadlow 2:00pm
8 Paul Langley Allan Lavell 2:00pm
9 Robert Kneeshaw Michael Sammut 2:00pm
10 Ahmad Mahfoud Lance Marsh 2:00pm
11 Kristoffer Hickson Scott Scicluna 2:00pm
12 Jason Mayberry Gordon Pullin 2:00pm
13 Jamie McKeown Glenn Hoskin 2:00pm
14 Brett Crowe Blair Paisley-Kerr 2:00pm
15 Peter Breukel Van Ho Nguyen 2:00pm
16 Liam Carruthers Colin Wilson 2:00pm
17 Blake O'Grady Aden Miller 2:00pm
18 Craig Johnson William Bland 2:00pm
19 Chris Lonne Jordan Armstrong 2:00pm
20 Joseph Gardner Dallas Blatchford 2:00pm
21 Mario Vukic Matthew McCarthy 2:00pm
22 Adam Richards Peter Clark 2:00pm
23 Mitchell Blomquist Brendan Parry 2:00pm
24 Sam Peck John Parkinson 2:00pm
25 Harry Schofield Matthew Perry 2:00pm
26 Steven Lampsakianos Gavin Atkin 2:00pm
27 Allan Murray Joel McKenzie 2:00pm
28 Peter Cashman Stephen Cyster 2:00pm
29 Chris Hokin Spare 2:00pm
30 Wally Fahey Spare 2:00pm



Day one and two angler pairings and flight times

Day 1 Start Boater D1 Non Boater D2 Non Boater Day 1 Finish Day 2 Finish
1 Mario Vukic Marlon Thompson Taka Kawasaki 2:00pm 2:30pm
2 Allan Murray Taka Kawasaki Marlon Thompson 2:00pm 2:30pm
3 Jason Mayberry Nathan Booth Dallas Blatchford 2:00pm 2:30pm
4 Sam Peck Dallas Blatchford Nathan Booth 2:00pm 2:30pm
5 Brett Crow Allan Lavell Scott Scicluna 2:00pm 2:30pm
6 Adam Richards Scott Scicluna Allan Lavell 2:00pm 2:30pm
7 Chris Hokin Nick Penprase Peter Clark 2:00pm 2:30pm
8 Peter Cashman Peter Clark Nick Penprase 2:00pm 2:30pm
9 Mark Healey Gavin Atkin Brendan Parry 2:00pm 2:30pm
10 Blake O'Grady Brendan Parry Gavin Atkin 2:00pm 2:30pm
11 Mitchell Blomquist Richard Hadlow John Glover 2:15pm 2:15pm
12 Mark Crompton John Glover Richard Hadlow 2:15pm 2:15pm
13 Wally Fahey Joel McKenzie Blair Paisley-Kerr 2:15pm 2:15pm
14 Jamie McKeown Blair Paisley-Kerr Joel McKenzie 2:15pm 2:15pm
15 Alan Lister Van Ho Nguen Ryan Vanderburg 2:15pm 2:15pm
16 Scott Wilson Ryan Vanderburg Van Ho Nguen 2:15pm 2:15pm
17 Craig Johnson Spare Bill Bland 2:15pm 2:15pm
18 Steve Morgan Bill Bland Spare 2:15pm 2:15pm
19 Liam Carruthers Matt Perry Aiden Miler 2:15pm 2:15pm
20 Cameron Whittam Aiden Miler Matt Perry 2:15pm 2:15pm
21 Chistopher Lonne Stephen Cyster John Parkinson 2:30pm 2:00pm
22 Harry Schofield John Parkinson Stephen Cyster 2:30pm 2:00pm
23 Paul langley Glen Hoskin Jordan Armstrong 2:30pm 2:00pm
24 Christian Wardini Jordan Armstrong Glen Hoskin 2:30pm 2:00pm
25 Kris Hickson Gordon Pullin Lance Marsh 2:30pm 2:00pm
26 Steven Lampsakianos Lance Marsh Gordon Pullin 2:30pm 2:00pm
27 Rob Kneeshaw Michael Sammut Matthew McCarthy 2:30pm 2:00pm
28 Ahmad Mafoud Matthew McCarthy Michael Sammut 2:30pm 2:00pm
29 Peter Breukel Neil Kelly Col Wilson 2:30pm 2:00pm
30 Joe Gardner Col Wilson Neil Kelly 2:30pm 2:00pm

Entry list current as at 26th October 2023


1 Allan Murray Matt Perry
2 Mark Crompton Stephen Cyster
3 Alan Lister William Bland
4 Blake O'Grady Nick Penprase
5 Joseph Gardner Lance Marsh
6 Kris Hickson Dallas Blatchford
7 Liam Carruthers Joel McKenzie
8 Ahmad Mahfoud Taka Kawasaki
9 Rob Kneeshaw Glen Hoskin
10 Mark Healey Van Ho Nguyen
11 Mario Vukic John Parkinson
12 Peter Breukel Gordon Pullin
13 Christopher Lonne Nathan Booth
14 Steven Lampsakianos Richard Hadlow
15 Jason Mayberry Gavin Atkin
16 Sam Peck Brendan Parry
17 Paul Langley Col Wilson
18 Wally Fahey Aden Miller
19 Peter Cashman John Glover
20 Stephen Morgan Jordan Armstrong
21 Cameron Whittam Peter Clark
22 Adam Richards Ryan Vanderburg
23 Brett Crowe Blair Paisley-Kerr
24 Harry Schofield Matthew McCarthy
25 Christian Wardini Marlon Thompson
26 Mitchell Blomquist Allan Lavell
27 Chris Hokin Michael Sammut
28 Jamie McKeown Neil Kelly
29 Craig Johnson Scott Scicluna
30 Scott Wilson