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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 Daiwa BREAM Series | Crush City Gold Coast (12/13 Aug) Event Results & Info


Click here for 2023 Daiwa BREAM Series event entry form. 
Click here for 2023 ABT Membership form. 



Gold Coast, QLD.



12/13 August 2023



Boater $250, Non Boater $125. ABT Membership Required.



No fishing from Sunrise Monday the 31st July - First Light on Friday 11th August 2023. 



From first light, Friday 11th August 2022. 



Broadwater Parklands - beach area next to Smith Street Boat Ramp. 



There’s plenty of no-fishing and speed zones in this arena. Refer to the map and the signposted speed limits.

Note that the northern boundary is the powerlines. 



Saturday and Sunday: 7am to 2pm. Flights will be allocated if the field is of sufficient size.



Friday 11th August 2023.
Sporty's Warehouse
32 Strathaird Rd, Bundall QLD 4217
from 5pm. 
Briefing at 6pm.



At the weigh in site after the final bag is weighed in and scores cross checked on Sunday 13th August 2023



Entry list current as at 10th August 2023


1 Wally Fahey Angus Collins  
2 Scott Wilson Mark Street  
3 Jamie McKeown Col Wilson  
4 Alan Lister John Glover  
5 Drew Griffith Aaron Bonser  
6 Steve Morgan Joel McKenzie  
7 Peter Cashman Lance Marsh  
8 Brett Crowe Blake Anschau  
9 Matt Fatafehi Chris Findlay  
10 Brett Penprase Nick Penprase Yes
11 John Siggs Michael Maas  
12 Paul Langley Ryan Vanderburg  
13 Chris Hokin Ben Monforte Yes
14 Mark Saric Van Ho Nguyen  
15 Grant Oliver Jordan Armstrong  
16 Mark Crompton Brendan Parry  
17 Blake O'Grady Mark McKay  
18 Allan Murray Dallas Blatchford Yes
19 Adam Richards Andrew Lovell  
20 Robert Kneeshaw Simon Martin Yes
21 Andrew Stubbs Peter Clark Yes
22 Grayson Fong Taka Kawasaki Yes
23 Rob Allington Nathan Booth  
24 Sam Peck Gavin Atkin  
25 Bernard Kong Matthew Perry  
26 Aaron Treacey Max Johnson  
27 Tim Morgan Chris Anderson  
28 Mick Horn Byron Cowell  
29 Harry Schofield Jared Moore Yes
30 Scott Sandilands Allen Parish  
31 Charlie Saykao Ethan Glover  
32 Wade Walker Nathan Graham  
33 Chris Greensill Marco Grubb  
34 Philip Bennet    
35 Anthony Wishey    
36 Stephen Wilson    
37 Luke Rogan    

START Boater Day 1 Non Boater Day 2 Non Boater Day 1 Finish Day 2 Finish
1 Wally Fahey Mark McKay Dallas Blatchford 2:00pm 2:20pm
2 Scott Wilson Dallas Blatchford Mark McKay 2:00pm 2:20pm
3 Jamie McKeown Andrew Lovell Simon Martin 2:00pm 2:20pm
4 Alan Lister Simon Martin Andrew Lovell 2:00pm 2:20pm
5 Drew Griffith SPARE Peter Clark 2:00pm 2:20pm
6 Steve Morgan Peter Clark SPARE 2:00pm 2:20pm
7 Peter Cashman Taka Kawasaki SPARE 2:00pm 2:20pm
8 Brett Crowe SPARE Taka Kawasaki 2:00pm 2:20pm
9 Matt Fatafehi Nathan Booth Gavin Atkin 2:00pm 2:20pm
10 Brett Penprase Gavin Atkin Nathan Booth 2:00pm 2:20pm
11 John Siggs Matthew Perry Max Johnson 2:00pm 2:20pm
12 Paul Langley Max Johnson Matthew Perry 2:00pm 2:20pm
13 Chris Hokin Chris Anderson Byron Cowell 2:00pm 2:20pm
14 Mark Saric Byron Cowell Chris Anderson 2:00pm 2:20pm
15 Grant Oliver Jared Moore Allen Parish 2:00pm 2:20pm
16 Mark Crompton Allen Parish Jared Moore 2:00pm 2:20pm
17 Blake O'Grady Ethan Glover Nathan Graham 2:00pm 2:20pm
18 Allan Murray Nathan Graham Ethan Glover 2:00pm 2:20pm
19 Adam Richards Marco Grubb Angus Collins 2:20pm 2:00pm
20 Robert Kneeshaw Angus Collins Marco Grubb 2:20pm 2:00pm
21 Andrew Stubbs SPARE Mark Street 2:20pm 2:00pm
22 Grayson Fong Mark Street SPARE 2:20pm 2:00pm
23 Rob Allington SPARE Col Wilson 2:20pm 2:00pm
24 Sam Peck Col Wilson SPARE 2:20pm 2:00pm
25 Bernard Kong John Glover Aaron Bonser 2:20pm 2:00pm
26 Aaron Treacey Aaron Bonser John Glover 2:20pm 2:00pm
27 Tim Morgan Joel McKenzie Lance Marsh 2:20pm 2:00pm
28 Mick Horn Lance Marsh Joel McKenzie 2:20pm 2:00pm
29 Harry Schofield Blake Anschau Chris Findlay 2:20pm 2:00pm
30 Scott Sandilands Chris Findlay Blake Anschau 2:20pm 2:00pm
31 Charlie Saykao Nick Penprase Michael Maas 2:20pm 2:00pm
32 Wade Walker Michael Maas Nick Penprase 2:20pm 2:00pm
33 Chris Greensill Ryan Vanderburg Ben Monforte 2:20pm 2:00pm
34 Philip Bennet Ben Monforte Ryan Vanderburg 2:20pm 2:00pm
35 Anthony Wishey Van Ho Nguyen Jordan Armstrong 2:20pm 2:00pm
36 Stephen Wilson Jordan Armstrong Brendan Parry 2:20pm 2:00pm
37 Luke Rogan Brendan Parry Van Ho Nguyen 2:20pm 2:00pm