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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2023 Samaki BREAM QLD Open Event Info & Results (24/25 July)

Click here for 2023 Samaki BREAM Queensland Open event entry form.


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June 2023


Moreton Bay, QLD (down to Power Lines)
Gold Coast, QLD (up to Power Lines)


We will confirm which day we will use each location at the event briefing (held online see note below) - noting that the roughest weather day will be held out of the Gold Coast. 
Moreton Bay - Raby Bay VMR Boat Ramp
Gold Coast - Smith Street Boat Ramp


$550, this is a boater only tournament



No fishing from Monday 12th June  to Thursday 22nd June 2023.



From first light, Friday 23rd June 2023. 


Online briefing. 
Friday 23rd June 2023 at 7:00pm. 



Boat Ramp where session two is run from. 


The 2023 Samaki BREAM Queensland Open will be run on the ABT Tournament Series app.

Here is the link to the instruction video for the app, which can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store or from Google Play:



The App gives us real, live scoreboards throughout the event and is an important part of marketing this event to spectators, so it’s important to become familiar with it. The week before the Open you will be able to practice with it and make sure it works well on your smartphone.

Glory Photos from the app will be used in the live coverage, so please take them wherever possible.



•  Rules mirror those of the Daiwa BREAM Series
•  This event is 100% app based - run on the ABT Tournament Series App. 
•  5 fish bag limit per angler per session.
•  Rough weather may see the Moreton Bay arena reduced to the Brisbane River (only).


ABT will allocate camerapersons or observers to many of the boats on the first day of competition, as the tournament progresses, observers will be put on leading boats. Observers are allowed to assist only with App data entry and interview camerawork. They are not able to assist with anything to do with fishing, including netting fish or operating the boat.

Entry list current as at 22nd June 2023


1 Jamie McKeown
2 Steve Morgan
3 Wally Fahey
4 Blake O'Grady
5 Joel McKenzie
6 Chris Hokin
7 Michael Slade
8 Christopher Lonne
9 Scott Sandilands
10 Mark Saric
11 Harry Schofield
12 Peter Cashman
13 Drew Griffith
14 Sam Peck
15 John Siggs
16 Christopher Greensill
17 Matthew Fatafehi
18 Bernard Kong
19 Cain Waller