TT Lures releases BuzzlockZ

TT Lures BuzzlockZ

Call fish to your soft plastic or other lure and enjoy the brutal surface strikes triggered by the TT Lures BuzzlockZ!

BuzzlockZ feature a clear, 4-bladed buzz blade designed to create water movement, noise and a bubble trail that attracts predators and triggers brutal strikes. They come fitted with a TT Lures ChinlockZ SWS jighead to lock your soft plastic in place and keel the presentation when retrieved. The ChinlockZ SWS is attached via a stainless steel twist lock system, enabling you to quickly and easily switch blade or hook sizes as required, or attach the BuzzlockZ blade to other lures such as metal slugs or stickbaits. BuzzlockZ are available in small, medium and large blade sizes, ranging across hook sizes from 2/0 to 8/0. Whether it’s bass, cod and Saratoga in the fresh, mangrove jack and barra in the creeks, or tailor, salmon, trevally and other pelagic species in the salt, there’s a BuzzlockZ to fire them up!

Create a buzz! Small 2 per pack, medium and large 1 per pack with a SRP of $8.95.


buzzlockz-diezel-rigged tt-lures-buzzlockz-frogz-rigged tt-lures-buzzlockz

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