We’ve all got Crabs in 2017…

If you haven’t seen the dominance of the Cranka Crab first hand, you’re missing out! The lure is hailed as one of the greatest fishing tackle inventions to come out of Australia ever. It’s got more wins to its name than any other lure over the past few seasons on the ABT BREAM Series, and now Cranka is supporting some of it’s most diehard customers, signing on as an ABT sponsor for 2017.


“We’re thrilled to have Cranka on board as a sponsor for the 2017 season,” said ABT’s Simon Goldsmith. “There’s probably no other lure that has caught the attention of our anglers as much over the past few years than the Cranka Crab, so to have them on board really shows us at ABT that what we’re doing works, our anglers are some of the best media personalities in the country, when they speak, others listen. It’s nice to see the fishing industry supporting organisations like ours that can really make a product fly off the shelf like what we’ve seen with the Crab.”


Cranka is shaping up for a bumper 2017, with the release of some hotly anticipated new products just around the corner. Cranka’s Steve Steer, an accomplished ABT angler himself, is excited for the new partnership and excited to see what ABT anglers can catch on his new products. “We’ve got some really awesome new products on their way very soon, and some that we think our anglers will really enjoy having. Our current crab measures 18mm across the shell, now we’re getting ready to release an upsized version. Perfect for finding those kicker bites in a tournament situation, or just bigger fish in general on a social outing. Our new bigger treble hook model crab isn’t far off your favourite Cranka dealer”.

With a number of new and existing sponsors signed on for the 2017 season, it’s shaping up to be one of the best ever. Keep an eye on the pages of www.abt.org.au to keep up with the latest info for the season ahead.

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