Introducing the “WINIX” Haswing’s All-New Fishing Kayak

T27he All-New Haswing Winix Fishing Kayak is now available!

Haswing has released its new innovative Fishing Kayak with the unveiling of the Winix, utilising the 40lbs Osapian electric trolling motor as well as a fully integrated foot lever steering system.

The Winix is equipped with retractable side pods for stability, this allows you to stand up and move about with confidence when stationary.

The integrated Osapian electric outboard provides a generous amount of propulsion, and the tilt rudder trimsystem allows forsmooth beach landings. The Winix Kayak is equipped with rod holders, storage compartments, padded stainless steel support rail for when standing up, carry handles, cleats, elevated plastic seat and much more! 

The Haswing Winix Fishing Kayak is now available at the special introductory price of $1599.95 only for a limited time!


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