ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- Clarrie Hall Results

The first round of the 2017 bass electric series started with a bang, with 44 anglers ready to to battle with the heat on what was a
 very up day for some and a down day for many. 33 fish were brought to the scales with an average of 766grams, and only 21 anglers weighting in fish.

3rd place went to Tom Pearson who found the right bites for the day compiling a 2/2 limit for 1.82kg. Tom headed to the same areas that he had fished recently opting to throw a evergreen jerkbait on spin tackle working the weed edges for great success.

Bass electric regular Matt Johnston took out second place with his 2/2 limit weighing in at 1.92kg and also securing big bass with a Clarrie hall giant of 1.14kg.

Matt got the right bites as he only landed 3 fish. He opted to throw a 1/4oz buzz bait in blue gill colour. His rod of choice was a Barrabass xsb843 rod matched with a 2500 Quantum reel to accurately position his lure tight to the weed edges. He opted to use 10lb braid and leader to wrestle these big fish.

1st place went to bream angler James Howarth. James used some previous knowledge of the dam as well as studying insight genesis to pick key areas. Once he found those key areas he used a jerkbait and a cut down Ecogear Grass Minnow to secure the win. James threw these lures with a JML Perfection Torz 6’10 rod matched with a 2004 Daiwa Gekkabijin reel spoiled with 10lb braid and 8lb Yamatoyo Chinu Harris as leader. 

Big thanks to all who turned up and everyone that helped out.

1st             James Howarth         2/2  1.95kg

2nd            Matt Johnson            2/2  1.92kg

3rd             Tom Pearson             2/2  1.82kg

4th             Chesley Lennon        2/2  1.79kg

5th             Stephen Mclean       2/2  173kg

6th             Brady Ellis                  2/2  1.63kg

7th             Tim Currie                 2/2  1.61kg

8th             Jono Bale                   2/2 1.52kg

9th           Nigel Skyring             2/2 1.43kg

10th          Tim Nangano              2/2 1.42kg

11th           Dayne Taylor              2/2 1.30kg

12th           Craig Atta-Singh         2/2 1.01kg

13th           Shaun Falkenhagen   1/2 .970kg

14th           Dean Silvester             1/2 .770kg

15th           Matthew Flyn             1/2  .760kg

16th           Rebecca Smith            1/2  .750kg

17th           Robert Butler               1/2 .720kg

18th           Michael  Rowswell      1/2 .670kg

19th           Joey Allan                     1/2 .670kg

20th            Joey Urquhart              1/2 .440kg

21st           Brett Kleinschmidt      1/2 .420kg

23rd          Charles West

23rd            Aaron Kemp

23rd            Adrian Wilson

23rd            Prue Urquhart

23rd             Dean Thomson

23rd             Nathan Swanson

23rd             Shane Dekker

23rd             Raymond Yau

23rd             Les Smith

23rd             Ian Galloway

23rd             Sue Barber

23rd             Les BArber

23rd             Tom Reynolds

23rd             Chris Lindsay

23rd             Paul Mchugh

23rd             Adrian Manolea

23rd             Christian Manolea

23rd             Paul Phillips

23rd             Graham Dodds

23rd             Cameron Mcleod

23rd             Rob March

23rd             Rob Gaden

23rd             Justin Thompson



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