Getting Boned with Zerek

Wilson Fishing added another challenge to anglers at the Venom Peter Faust Night Championship with a Bone rod on offer for the largest fish caught on a Zerek lure during the tournament.

Col Brett claimed the prize for the event, with the Rockhampton tournament pro catching his Bone winning fish on a red devil coloured Zerek Fish Trap.

“We had fish coming through on the sounder but we couldn’t get them respond to what we were throwing so I downsized to a smaller offering, the Fish Trap, and the result was instant”, explained Brett.

Brett made a slight modification to his Zerek Fish Trap, removing the rear treble and split ring and upgrading the front hook with a 1/0 BKK Raptor Z treble and size 5 Decoy split ring.

“I caught plenty of fish on the Fish Trap during the tour. It’s a lure that’ll plenty of time in my boat from now on”, concluded Brett.

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