Power-Pole Micro for Hobie

bd916fb3-49bf-4995-9362-a99c288b941bIt is like a fishing reel with automatic drag adjustment…a Hobie® Pro Angler with a Power-Pole Micro® Anchor. The result is simple. The efficient, all-electric Power-Pole Micro quickly, easily and quietly anchors Hobie’s Pro Angler 12 and Pro Angler 14. A simple push of the button to engage the anchor combines with Hobie’s MirageDrive® pedal propulsion system to leave hands virtually free. The results? More casting, more lure time in the water and more fish.

The partnership between Hobie Cat and Power-Pole will be obvious as they are seen on waters around the world in coming months as well as Power-Pole being an official sponsor of the 2014 Hobie Fishing World Championship.

Several Hobie-specific options are available that enhance the experience. A Hobie Power-Pole Mount Kit makes it easy to attach the Anchor to the stern of the Pro Anglers. The 60 Watt low RPM, high torque electric anchor motor deploys at 30cm per second to approximately 2 metres with optional 2.6 metre Micro Spike (varies based on spike length). The spike even has a threaded insert on top to attach accessories such as a GoPro® video camera. Anglers can run the Micro Anchor for hours using Hobie’s Power-Pole Power Kit that comes with a 12V 9A sealed gel cell battery, battery mount and a charger.

The Power-Pole Micro for Hobie includes a wireless remote control, advanced wireless dash switch, hardware, fully adjustable mounting bracket, electrical cord/plug/battery terminals, quick release cord, free app (Android), USB Connector, and Bluetooth.

hobie_cat_companyFor more information contact your nearest Hobie Dealer or visit www.hobiecat.com.au/micro

For more information and high-res Images, please contact the media department at Hobie Cat® Australasia at: media@hobiecat.com.au or on: +61 2 44418 400


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