Storm Bass Australian Open, Glenbawn Dam | Final Results

Peter Phelps has been crowned to 2018 Storm BASS Australian Open Champion with an impressive 10/10 limit over the weekend weighing in at 11.52kg.   He cleaned up all the weekend’s titles winning Big Bass with a 1.48kg and Big Bag with his 6.11kg bag on day one. 

Tim Oakley finished second with 10/10 for 11.02kg and Steve Muldoon rounded out the top three with 10/10 for 10/71kg. 

Full Storm BASS Australian Open results below: 


 FisherS1 # FishS1 Weight (kg)S2 # FishS2 Weight (kg)Total FishTotal Weight
1Peter Phelps56.1155.411011.52
2Tim Oakley55.3455.681011.02
3Steve Muldoon55.5955.121010.71
4Robert Tilley55.6155.071010.68
5Glenn Hayter55.2755.271010.54
6Luke Draper54.9655.571010.53
7Tom Slater55.0655.371010.43
8Kristoffer Hickson55.2555.011010.26
9Graham Ford55.1854.971010.15
10David Welfare55.0855.041010.12
11Greg Beattie55.2254.781010
12Ben Hay54.8955.04109.93
13Jayson deForrest-Haddleton55.1754.75109.92
14Jonathon Austin54.9754.93109.9
15Steve Morgan54.5655.28109.84
16Mark Lennox54.8454.95109.79
17David Hedges55.0754.64109.71
18Andy Parkinson55.1954.44109.63
19Greg Silva55.0854.55109.63
20Stephen Duff54.9854.62109.6
21Dane Pryce54.7754.77109.54
22Nick Anderson54.9454.6109.54
23Richard Potter54.954.55109.45
24Dylan Byron54.8854.56109.44
25Stephen Kanowski54.5154.88109.39
26Michael Styles54.7954.55109.34
27Tim Morgan54.9454.4109.34
28Kris Banks54.2255.07109.29
29Simon Marchant54.1855.1109.28
30Craig Simmons54.2654.99109.25
31Troy Danes54.6454.61109.25
32Brendan Pieschel54.454.71109.11
33Tony Thorley54.4654.62109.08
34Corey Goldie5554.02109.02
35David Lane53.9755.05109.02
36Adrian Melchior54.1654.72108.88
37Keefe Spann54.0754.6108.67
38John Picton54.4754.11108.58
39Michael Thompson55.1643.3298.48
40Jamie Johnson43.5954.5198.1
41Alan McNamara5542.9297.92
42Wayne Robinson54.9432.8887.82
43Wally Fahey43.3654.2597.61
44Collin Robinson32.4854.6487.12
45Bill Schloss55.4721.6277.09
46Grant Kime22.154.977
47Stephen McLean43.1153.8796.98
48Geoff Alford0021.4621.46

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