Final Results | Maroon Dam BASS Electric Qualifier, 30th June

A great turn out at Maroon Dam saw 62 anglers take to the waters to compete in the third qualifier of the 2019 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Series.

Dale Lucas took out his first BASS Electric win with 2/2 bass for 1.74kg, securing his spot in the 2019 Grand Final.  Lucas had a great start to the day landing six fish in the boat within the first hour, upgrading plenty of times as the session went on.  Dale also took out the round’s Big Bass, weighing in a 0.915kg fish.

Ipswich local, Brett Kleinschmidt finished second with 2/2 for 1.71kg.  He spent the day on the water with Tom Reynolds who gave him the advice to tie on a soft plastic early in the day – proving very successful for Kleinschmidt. 

Full winner and runner-up videos available shortly. 

Full event results below: 

PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)
1Dale Lucas121.74 kg
2Brett Kleinschmidt121.71 kg
3Jake Schwerin121.66 kg
4Nathan Swanson121.57 kg
5Dylan Hockey121.53 kg
6Trent Blake121.52 kg
7Tom Reynolds121.50 kg
8Aaron Kemp121.46 kg
9Glenn Swanson121.45 kg
10Dean Thomson121.45 kg
11Jesper Noiesen121.43 kg
12Joseph Urquhart121.41 kg
13Drew Sharpe121.37 kg
14Wade Walker121.33 kg
15Robert Thornton121.30 kg
16Mathew Flynn121.30 kg
17Daniel Kelly121.28 kg
18Christian Manolea121.27 kg
19Charles West121.26 kg
20Matt Williams121.24 kg
21Adrian Manolea121.20 kg
22Robert March121.19 kg
23Trent West121.19 kg
24Scott Bryant121.14 kg
25Adrian Wilson121.12 kg
26Guy McConnell121.05 kg
27Paul Fleming121.03 kg
28Mitchell Rose110.87 kg
29Denis Shaw120.86 kg
30Alan Britcliffe110.74 kg
31Deon Robertson110.67 kg
32Nick Nutley110.66 kg
33Jeremy Wakelin110.63 kg
34Graham Dodds110.62 kg
35Wayne Lister110.54 kg
36Mark McKay110.52 kg
37Liam Dutton110.48 kg
38Joe Allan110.44 kg
39Chris Byrnes110.41 kg
40Paul McHugh110.37 kg
41Jamie Jones10.00 kg
42Elliot Fooks10.00 kg
43Peter Woods10.00 kg
44Dale Morgan10.00 kg
45Nathan Huggett10.00 kg
46Luke Albone10.00 kg
47Shane Dekker10.00 kg
48Daniel Murphy10.00 kg
49Kyle Osmond10.00 kg
50Ben Wilson10.00 kg
51Simon Goldsmith10.00 kg
52Jake Dudgeon10.00 kg
53Bill Rose10.00 kg
54Paul Cordery10.00 kg
55Brian Rutledge10.00 kg
56Paul Phillips10.00 kg
57Sue Barber10.00 kg
58Felippe Gapski10.00 kg
59Stephen McLean10.00 kg
60Les Barber10.00 kg
61Robert Butler10.00 kg
62John Schwerin10.00 kg
63Philip Dudgeon10.00 kg
64Denis Metzdorf10.00 kg

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