FINAL RESULTS | 2019 Costa BREAM Grand Final, 29 Nov – 1 Dec



Tristan Taylor, the 2019 Power-Pole Angler of the Year is now also  the 2019 Costa BREAM Series Grand Final Champion taking home the $70K Bass Cat/Mercury/Lowrance package.   

Taylor’s 15/15 for 8.42kg put him 500g ahead of second place Denis Metzdorf who scored himself a new Power-Pole for his boat for his efforts. 

Taylor,  fished with Col Wilson who took out the 2019 Non Boater Grand Final Champion’s Trophy.  Wilson also finished with a 15/15 limit bringing a total of 8.07kg to the scales.  Both Col and second place non-boater Tani Konsul won a Hobie Passport 10.5. 

Charlie Saykao took home the Big Bream Pro-Up with a 0.89kg bream he caught on day two of the event. 

Winner’s photos and interviews and the final day’s highlights to follow shortly.

Final results below.


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Tristan Taylor152.76 kg
253.10 kg8.42 kg
352.56 kg
2Denis Metzdorf153.20 kg
252.35 kg7.93 kg
352.38 kg
3Mark Crompton152.93 kg
252.05 kg7.54 kg
352.56 kg
4Vaughn Lewis152.42 kg
252.70 kg7.46 kg
352.34 kg
5Jamie McKeown152.47 kg
252.35 kg7.18 kg
352.36 kg
6William Lee152.50 kg
252.31 kg7.17 kg
352.36 kg
7Michael Thompson152.22 kg
251.92 kg6.87 kg
352.73 kg
8Scott Towner152.84 kg
252.02 kg6.84 kg
351.98 kg
9Steve Morgan152.53 kg
252.12 kg6.75 kg
352.10 kg
10Brett Crowe152.09 kg
252.09 kg6.70 kg
352.52 kg
11John Siggs152.27 kg
251.84 kg6.58 kg
352.47 kg
12Charlie Saykao151.53 kg
252.95 kg6.48 kg
352.00 kg
13Russell Babekuhl152.56 kg
252.01 kg6.40 kg
351.83 kg
14Scott Wilson152.34 kg
252.34 kg6.05 kg
341.37 kg
15Anthony Wishey152.25 kg
252.11 kg6.02 kg
351.66 kg
16Alan Lister152.02 kg
251.96 kg5.77 kg
351.79 kg
17Stephen Wilson152.46 kg
241.55 kg5.67 kg
351.66 kg
18Zac O'Sullivan152.03 kg
251.88 kg5.51 kg
351.60 kg
19Andrew Stubbs151.69 kg
252.08 kg5.34 kg
351.57 kg
20Allan Murray152.51 kg
251.56 kg5.32 kg
341.25 kg
21Daniel Bonaccorso152.12 kg
231.04 kg5.32 kg
352.16 kg
22Wally Fahey152.12 kg
231.24 kg5.31 kg
351.95 kg
23Peter Cashman152.01 kg
251.71 kg5.01 kg
341.29 kg
24Todd Riches151.97 kg
231.01 kg4.87 kg
351.89 kg
25Paul Langley152.29 kg
210.56 kg4.82 kg
351.97 kg
26Darren Borg151.64 kg
231.17 kg4.52 kg
351.71 kg
27Mark Saric151.79 kg
251.70 kg4.45 kg
330.96 kg
28Craig Templar141.40 kg
220.73 kg3.92 kg
351.79 kg
29Daryl Baird152.04 kg
20.00 kg3.61 kg
351.57 kg
30Kim McIntyre151.94 kg
20.00 kg2.92 kg
330.98 kg
31Chris Head131.02 kg
20.00 kg2.91 kg
351.89 kg


PlaceFisherDay# FishWeight (kg)Total Weight (kg)
1Colin Wilson153.2 kg
252.31 kg8.07 kg
352.56 kg
2Tani Konsul152.53 kg
252.95 kg7.86 kg
352.38 kg
3Craig Johnson152.56 kg
252.34 kg7.46 kg
352.56 kg
4Neil Kelly152.02 kg
253.1 kg7.46 kg
352.34 kg
5Bernard Kong152.93 kg
251.84 kg7.13 kg
352.36 kg
6Sam Peck152.03 kg
252.7 kg7.09 kg
352.36 kg
7Glen Sturrock152.5 kg
252.35 kg6.83 kg
351.98 kg
8Jacob Smythe152.84 kg
231.24 kg6.81 kg
352.73 kg
9Fred Fraser152.12 kg
252.02 kg6.66 kg
352.52 kg
10Stuart Walker (S)152.47 kg
252.08 kg6.65 kg
352.1 kg
11Shaun Egan152.51 kg
241.55 kg6.53 kg
352.47 kg
12Nick Penprase152.27 kg
252.05 kg6.32 kg
352 kg
13Rodney O'Sullivan152.34 kg
252.01 kg6.18 kg
351.83 kg
14Chris Findlay152.76 kg
251.96 kg6.09 kg
341.37 kg
15Jordan Armstrong152.22 kg
252.09 kg5.97 kg
351.66 kg
16Darren Murphy152.09 kg
251.92 kg5.8 kg
341.79 kg
17Mike Sutcliffe152.46 kg
251.56 kg5.68 kg
351.66 kg
18Michael Hodges152.04 kg
251.71 kg5.35 kg
351.6 kg
19Jesse Gough152.42 kg
220.73 kg5.31 kg
352.16 kg
20Brendan McNamara151.69 kg
252.35 kg5.29 kg
341.25 kg
21Michael Sammut141.4 kg
251.88 kg5.23 kg
351.95 kg
22Travis Ryan151.53 kg
252.12 kg5.22 kg
351.57 kg
23Richard Wootten131.02 kg
252.11 kg5.02 kg
351.89 kg
24Michael Maas151.94 kg
231.04 kg4.95 kg
351.97 kg
25Andrew Buhagiar151.79 kg
231.17 kg4.67 kg
351.71 kg
26Stephen Maas151.64 kg
251.7 kg4.63 kg
341.29 kg
27Andrew Williams151.97 kg
210.56 kg4.32 kg
351.79 kg
28Ahmad Mahfoud152.29 kg
231.01 kg4.26 kg
330.96 kg
29Peter Breukel152.01 kg
20 kg3.9 kg
351.89 kg
30Dallas Blatchford152.25 kg
20 kg3.82 kg
351.57 kg
31Craig Wise152.12 kg
20 kg3.1 kg
330.98 kg



















START DAY 1 Angler Non Boater Day 1 Non Boater Day 2
1 Tristan Taylor Chris Findlay Neil Kelly
2 Alan Lister Neil Kelly Chris Findlay
3 Chris Head Richard Wootten Dallas Blatchford
4 Anthony Wishey Dallas Blatchford Richard Wootten
5 Steve Morgan Tani Konsul Travis Ryan
6 Charlie Saykao Travis Ryan Tani Konsul
7 Brett Crowe Darren Murphy Jordan Armstrong
8 Michael Thompson Jordan Armstrong Darren Murphy
9 Jamie McKeown Stuart Walker Brendan McNamara
10 Andrew Stubbs Brendan McNamara Stuart Walker
11 William Lee Glen Sturrock Colin Wilson
12 Denis Metzdorf Colin Wilson Glen Sturrock
13 Mark Crompton Bernard Kong Nick Penprase
14 John Siggs Nick Penprase Bernard Kong
15 Mark Saric Andrew Buhagiar Stephen Maas
16 Darren Borg Stephen Maas Andrew Buhagiar
17 Scott Wilson Rodney O’Sullivan Craig Johnson
18 Russell Babekuhl Craig Johnson Rodney O’Sullivan
19 Stephen Wilson Mike Sutcliffe Shaun Egan
20 Allan Murray Shaun Egan Mike Sutcliffe
21 Paul Langley Ahmad Mahfoud Andrew Williams
22 Todd Riches Andrew Williams Ahmad Mahfoud
23 Daniel Bonaccorso Craig Wise Michael Maas
24 Kim McIntyre Michael Maas Craig Wise
25 Daryl Baird Michael Hodges Peter Breukel
26 Peter Cashman Peter Breukel Michael Hodges
27 Scott Towner Jacob Smythe Fred Fraser
28 Wally Fahey Fred Fraser Jacob Smythe
29 Craig Templar Michael Sammut Jesse Gough
30 Vaughn Lewis Jesse Gough Sam Peck
31 Zac O’Sullivan Sam Peck Michael Sammut

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