2020 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Series | Richmond River Qualifier (13 Sep) FINAL RESULTS

100% of anglers brought a limit to the scales today for the final qualifying round of the 2020 Casino Outdoors BASS Electric Series held on the Richmond River. 

Matthew Flynn took out the event with his 2/2 bass limit for 2.19kg.  He also weighed in the Casino Outdoors Big Bass – a 1.1kg river bass. 

Joey Urquhart came in second place with a 2/2 limit for 2.00kg.  He was followed by the Hinze Dam round champion Chesley Lennon who weighed in 2/2 bass for 2.85kg. 

This event wraps up the qualifying rounds for the 2020 Casino BASS Electric Season.  Anglers only had to fish one round BASS Electric round in 2020 to qualify for the Grand Final meaning everyone has a shot at the Bluefin Boats first place prize.  As soon as there is some certainty on border’s being opened ABT will reschedule the Grand Final, giving anglers plenty of notice to make their plans to be there. 


Mathew Flynn 2 2.19 1.1
Joey Urquhart 2 2.00  
Chesley Lennon 2 1.85  
Keith Shepard 2 1.84  
Stephen McLean 2 1.71  
Glenn Swanson 2 1.63  
Ian Wratten 2 1.53  
Bill Rose 2 1.43  
Joe Allan 2 1.33  
Graham Walters 2 1.32  
Joy Urquhart 2 1.30  
Kayne Blasche 2 1.18  
Gregory Burke 2 1.17  
Andrew Blasche 2 1.15  
Shane Richards 2 1.14  
Aaron Swanson 2 1.13  
Peter Woods 2 0.92  

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