ABT Angler Profile- Warren Carter

IMG_0282AFC Champion, seven time BREAM event winner, and multiple BREAM AOY Champion Warren Carter is angler that has achieved a lot throughout his tournament career.

Equally adept at catching yellowfin and black bream Warren is an angler who’s dominated far in wide, from Derwent in the south, Blackwood in the west, and Clarence in the north.

Enjoying a red-hot run of form that would have made Tiger Woods proud in his heyday, Warren steps away from the trolling motor and gives as an insight into who he is as a tournament angler and his life on the tournament trail.

  1. Name, age, and location– Warren Carter. 47. Patterson Lakes. Vic.
  2. How long have you been fishing ABT events– since 2005.
  3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling–        First place 7 times in ABT qualifiers,  2nd place 6 times in ABT qualifiers, 2006 N.S.W Angler Of the Year, 2010 S.A Angler Of the Year, 2013 National Angler Of the Year, Winning Two AFC series 9 & 10 (2012 & 2013) with Russell Babekuhl
  4. Preferred tournament species– Bream
  5. Favourite tournament location– Derwent RiverTasmania
  6. Your go-to technique– Hard bodies on edges
  7. Your favourite lure– Smith Jade
  8. Your most feared competitor– My good friend, Cameron Whittam
  9. What, if any, sponsors do you have– Smith Lures Ltd. Australian Angling, Varivas, Minn Kota/BLA, Legend Boats, AGL Marine.
  10. How many days a month do you fish– I do very little Bream fishing outside of Tournaments, However I certainly enjoy chasing other species such as Trout, Mulloway. Gummy Sharks, Snapper. King George Whiting just to name a few, I now choose to fish a couple of times a month outside of tournaments, mainly due to work commitments.
  11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle– That’s a very personal question, no idea, I never have tried to add it up, too scary,  hate to think how much I do spend.
  12. Dream fishing location– P.N.G for Black Bass. Or even a chance to compete in a USA Bass Tournament.
  13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament– Double Donut
  14. Favourite place to eat on the road– Road house, Steak and veggies
  15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat– at least three doubles, with strawberry icing
  16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location– 701 flight series Tcurve, 2500 Stella reel, 65mm DDPanish, Derwent RiverTasmania
  17. The tournament moment that broke your heart– 2010 Grand final at Mallacoota, missed the cut by one place
  18. Superstitions and rituals–  Strawberry iced donut and Strawberry milk before each tournament, where possible  😉
  19. Hardest venue– Foster, Tuncurry.
  20. Dream fishing companion– Cameron Whittam, totally enjoy the times spent fishing and traveling together, never a dull moment.

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