Maria Fla-Pen

FLA-PEN is a very unique lure with a folding rear flap which closes on the cast and opens on the retrieve. This rear flap creates a unique wave motion (turbulence behind the lure) which is very similar to a natural fish.

Maria have created a new category of lure with the FLA-PEN, it is not a stickbait or a minnow but a combination of the two. Being a sinking lure it is able to fish all levels of the water column and can be retrieved using a number techniques, including straight crank, twitching, twitch and pause and with a high rod tip and steady retrieve will swim like a wakebait.

Added to this there are a number of UV (Keimura) bodies and GLOW bodies to appeal to fish in all weather conditions and times of the day.


  • Length:85mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Type: Sinking
  • Made in Japan

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