MotorGuide Xi5 – doubly excellent for top tournament fisher

Brian Everingham 2MotorGuide’s new Xi5 wireless trolling motor has been a double bonus for Brian Everingham, helping him defeat his opponents… and entertain his kids.


Brian, one of Australia’s leading tournament fishermen who’s been competing on the Bream and Bass circuits for more than a decade, has found the Xi5 to be “excellent” for both its technological advances and its super quiet operation.


“I’ve had the Xi5 for several months now and I’ve used it in all sorts of conditions and it’s great. I’m really happy with it,” said Brian.


And why wouldn’t he be? The Xi5 has been designed to exceed expectations. It’s reliable every day and durable over the long haul. It has an all-new composite shaft that’s backed by a lifetime warranty and it is wireless capable right out of the box.


“The anchor system is fantastic. We were at a Bass competition and the wind was blowing at 35-40 knots, really strong, but the technology kept us in the one spot. I didn’t realise until then that the motor automatically varies its speed depending on conditions – it doesn’t just counter a steady current, it compensates for sharp, sudden changes as well.”


Brian’s also a big fan of Xi5’s memory functions.Brian Everingham


“It means in competitions I can pre-fish an area the day before and save it to memory, so when the contest starts the motor will take me to exactly the same spot. You can drop right on top of the school of fish you want.


“I also use it all the time when I take the kids out after flathead. We always go to the same sandbar which I’ve loaded in. It means as we approach I can concentrate on getting the rods and the bait ready and not be fiddling around with the motor.


“Because it’s wireless, I can have the kids casting right off the front. I can cast of the back and still control everything easily.”


The Xi5’s extremely quiet operation is another great plus.


“It’s the quietest turning motor I’ve heard. Some friends reckon the electronic beeps it makes when you program it are louder in this model, but the truth is they only sound louder because the engine is so quiet.”


MotorGuide Xi5. Great for competition. Great with the kids. Great all-round.

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