International excitement builds as Yamaha announces new F130A four-stroke outboard

F130AETLYamaha Motor Australia is extremely pleased to announce the release of the new F130A. This model was unveiled overnight at the Paris Boat Show. The new F130A fills the only remaining gap in Yamaha’s four-stroke engine range and is especially exciting for Australian customers who have been requesting a Yamaha four-stroke engine in this horsepower category for many years.


STRONGER. New-Generation Engine with advanced technology inherited from Yamaha’s high-horsepower line-up

The new F130A employs the proven 1.8 litre, 16-valve, Double Overhead Camshaft, four-stroke engine found in the latest-generation F115B. The DOHC, four-cylinder design features large intake and exhaust valves for efficient transfer of fuel and exhaust, more power and better midrange torque. Like the proven 1.8-litre F115B, the F130A is highly efficient and responsive.


While the new motor is based around the F115B, the F130A also inherits technology from Yamaha’s larger horsepower engines. Yamaha engineers have employed the use of a single electronic throttle intake valve on the F130. The electronic throttle valve is controlled by a microprocessor that interprets the operator’s instructions from the mechanical control at the helm to make precise throttle movements according to engine temperature and atmospheric conditions. This system works in tune with new fuel injection and ignition technology within the F130A, to deliver incredible response, awesome power and exceptional fuel economy.


FASTER. Increased top-end

The F130A has a maximum operating rpm range from 5300 – 6300 rpm. The ability to rev higher delivers additional top end, while maintaining responsive power right through the RPM range. This increased rpm range has proven to be a great advantage in other engines in the Yamaha four-stroke line up such as the top selling F70A and the F115B.


LIGHTER. Class-leading power-to-weight2015_YAM_F115-F130_EU_NA_ACT_017

The compact new F130A not only offers a new level of engine performance, it features an incredible power to weight ratio. Through the introduction of weight-saving technology and materials inherited from the latest generation of Yamaha outboards, the new F130A weighs in at 174kg. This makes the F130A the lightest four-stroke engine in the 130 – 150 horsepower class and even lighter than competing direct injected two stroke engines in this category. This amazing light weight design makes the new F130A perfect for applications where minimising weight on the transom is important.


“We’re thrilled to be able to offer customers another class-leading engine, especially in this category,” said Iain MacLeod, National Sales Manager for Yamaha Outboards in Australia. “The new F130A is going to be the perfect power option for a huge selection of popular Australian fishing and recreational boats in the 5 – 6 metre range. The engine’s exceptional power to weight ratio will make it very popular in repower applications.”


SMARTER. Integrated technology puts you in control

The F130A is fitted with a 35 Amp high output alternator which provides plenty of power to keep up with the requirements of today’s electronic accessories. The F130A is also compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link digital gauges and features Variable Trolling Control, a function that allows the operator to adjust the engines idle speed up or down in 50rpm increments to achieve the correct trolling speed for perfect lure action. The new F130A is compatible with Yamaha’s exclusive Y-COP theft deterrent system which safely secures your outboard from unauthorised startups.


The new F130 is due to arrive in Australia in Autumn 2015.


F130A Features and Benefits Guide.

  • Weighing 174kg the F130A is the lightest in-class, ideal choice for repowering from 2-Stroke outboards.
  • 1832cc, 4-cylinder, 16-Valve, DOHC engine provides perfect blend of smooth and economical performance.
  • Latest-generation cowling, sleek and compact design.
  • Electronic multi-point fuel injection fuel and micro-computer ECM for clean, efficient and reliable performance.
  • Direct ignition system for responsive performance.
  • ECM controlled single throttle valve promotes economy and torque.
  • 5mm offset crankshaft reduces mechanical friction for more efficient engine operation.
  • Extremely fuel efficient & lower running costs.
  • Command Link digital gauge compatible – relays real-time data to helm.
  • Variable Trolling Function – adjusts the low speed RPM at levels of 50 rpm.
  • Compatible with exclusive YCOP immobilizer – anti-theft protection system for peace of mind.
  • Lightweight and compact Power Trim & Tilt unit.
  • Compatible with optional Tilt-limiter switch.
  • High Output alternator 35A – keeps battery and accessories charged.
  • Easy-access freshwater flush system – convenient engine maintenance.


Model name F130LB, F130XB
Shaft length L, X
Dry weight with propeller L: 174kg, X: 178kg
Engine type Four-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC, In-line 4
Displacement 1832cc
Bore × stroke 81.0 × 88.9
Compression ratio 10:1
Gear ratio 2.15 (28/13)
Full throttle operating range 5300-6300 rpm
Fuel induction system Electronic Fuel Injection
Engine oil capacity 3.2 L/3.0 L with/without oil filter exchange
Ignition system TCI Microcomputer
Alternator 35 Amp (Battery charge: 28 Amp)
Trim & Tilt method Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt
Cooling system Raw-water, electronically monitored
Exhaust system Through propeller hub
Emission rating 3 Star Ultra Low Emission
Engine Controls Mechanical
Recommended fuel Regular unleaded (min 91 RON)
Warranty 4 Years Recreational (conditional)

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