Damiki Suplex 100 gram & Backdrop 80 gram

Since its release last year the Damiki Suplex & Back Drop jigs have been making a big impact on the jigging scene. Following calls from clients for smaller models to be made available, Searing Tackle, the exclusive agents for Damiki have released an 80 gram Back Drop jig and a 100 gram Suplex jig.

The Backdrop range is now made up of 80g, 100g, 130g, 160g & 200 gram models whilst the Suplex range now covers 100g, 130g, 160g, 200g & 250 gram sizes.

Both styles of jigs come in 5 colours.

To see more of our fantastic range, check out www.searingtackle.com.au or call 0404719944.

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