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Tournament anglers are a perfectionist bunch always striving to be the best and use the best when it comes to the tackle and gear they use.

Discerning when it comes to their choice of line, lures, rods and reels the desire for only the best equipment logically should extend to their choice of apparel and clothing.

Delivering supreme comfort and ultimate function on the water hi-quality technical clothing is definitely worth its weight in gold. Anglers who have been Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.48.24 pmcaught short during heavy rain and left wet and cold courtesy of inferior wet wear gear know the chilly, and wet reality of poorly designed and built rain gear.

Quality reins supreme and money talks when it comes to staying dry, warm and performing at your best day in day out on the water.

STORMR stands out from the crowd when it comes to rain gear, with their recent arrival in Australia finally seeing local anglers with locally available wet weather gear that is specifically made with hardcore anglers in mind.

Designed and built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions STORMR is in a world of its own with it comes to performance, protection, and comfort, as Tom Slater explains.

“Being comfortable on the water is so important for tournament anglers. We have a set time limit that we need to perform in, and we can’t allow any external factors compromise our performance. While we can’t control the weather we can control how much it effects us. In adverse conditions, I want to still be able to perform at my best and STORMR gear allows me to do that”.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.48.44 pmABT’s Simon Goldsmith has been a longtime advocate of quality wet weather gear, and rates STORMR has one of the best that he’s used.

“I’ve shivered my way through icy, windy days on the derwent, been soaked to the bone on Faust, and lugged around heavy uncomfortable bib and brace sets for days that leave you cold, wet, chaffed and tired. STORMR addresses all these short comings of my old suits and not only keeps you warm and dry, but its neoprene construction allows the suit to match the contours of your body for ultimate comfort. With my STORMR Fusion suits I don’t get to the end of the day and feel like I’m being crushed by the weight of my suit. And my lower back thanks me for that”.

Joining the ABT family of sponsorship partners in 2015 STORMR are excited about what they have to offers anglers for the new tournament season, as Tom Slater explains.

“STORMR and Nomad Tackle are proud to be the official wet weather gear of the ABT. 
ABT anglers always strive for more, and we want to offer them the gear to perform at their best”.

Keen to find out more about the STORMR wet weather gear range, then simply visit


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