Going Berserk With ABT





ABT welcomes one Australia’s newest tackle brands to the family with Berserk Australia hitting the tournament trail in 2015.

Designed and extensively tested Berserk lures feature only the finest finishes, crafted to withstand the test of time and Australia’s angling species.


B Vibe 70

“We designed Berserk lures from high quality ABS and paints so they wouldn’t fade, warp or crack as easily over time in the harsh Australia sun. This means the lure you buy today will still look good and swim straight and true in the future”, explains Berserk Australia.

For anglers on the ABT tournaments trail it’s the B Vibe 70 and Loco 60 that’ll give anglers their first taste of Berserk products, featuring within the tournament prize packs.

“The bass anglers love their lipless crankbaits so the B Vibe 70 will be well at home in their tackle boxes. The Loco 60 however will appeal to both the bream and bass guys. The Loco is a great lure for breamers looking for a fuller figured round crank, while the bassers will find this an ideal finesse crank for throwing on spin gear or light baitcaster tackle”, explains ABT’s Simon Goldsmith.


Loco 60

“The B Vibe and Loco are just the start of the lure range, with more hardbodies, and hand-poured soft plastics currently in development. We’re also looking to introduce a select line of tools and accessories that’ll help make tournament anglers’ time on the water efficient and trouble free”, explains Berserk Australia.

For information on Berserk Australia and its products visit www.berserkaustralia.com.au or keep an eye on www.abt.org.au for all the latest releases.

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