Haswing Hinze Dam BASS Electric Major – Final Results

Rollison turns back clock at Hinze Major.

Andrew Rollison (2/2, 2.19kg) took out the first BASS Electric event for 2015, the Haswing BASS Electric Major at Hinze Dam, March 29th. Rollison, a 47 year old Technology Manager at News Corp, returned from an eight year hiatus to take the win at his local dam. Capping off the victory, Rollison also secured the Flowrite Big Bass for the event (1.22kg).

Rollison decided not to prefish the tournament, relying on his previous experience and knowledge of the waterway. However, as Rollison discovered on competition day, the water levels had risen significantly (15 feet) since his last trip. The decision was made to stick to his original plan and return to where he had located fish at the lower water level.

Rollision discusses his choice of location and technique used,

“I had made a decision to fish one section of bank and not travel too much. I also fished a bay that was still partly in the shade on the western side of the dam that had held fish earlier in the year. I targeted structure that was in 15 – 20 foot of water and positioned the boat around the 35 – 40ft contour to cast and retrieve across the target area which contained multiple sunken bush and tree skeletons.

The technique was to let the lure drop to the bottom in approx 20ft then a dead slow roll and pause , 3 slow winds then letting it sink again, effectively keeping it connected to the bottom and slowly dragging it through the sunken tree frames in the target area. The strikes that I did receive came during the slow roll. The spinner bait used was the Bassman “Carls Compact – Double Willow” 3/8 oz with a combination of skirts # 26 (purple red and white / cream), # 001 (purple and white fleck) and #31 (cream / olive, silver fleck).”

Rollison’s first fish came at 7.30am, and then nothing until 9.45am when he lost two fish in two casts into the sunken timber. This rattled Rollison who took a break for 10 -15 minutes to regroup and refocus and then concentrated on catching the second fish. A few bumps came over the next hour but no bites connected. Giving the bank a rest he headed out to fish points for approximately 1 hour. Rollison identified suspended fish at 20 – 25ft in the trees, but could not get a reaction from them.

“At 11.45am I headed back to where I had lost the two fish earlier, as I figured that there must be other “active” fish in the area and on my first cast I connected to, and landed the fish that filled my bag.”

Rollison notes in relation to his tackle that he increased his leader strength given the terrain that he was fishing and noted that the water was still partly cloudy from recent rain.

“It is pretty easy to loose the mental edge and become negative, but I didn’t want that to impact on the remaining time that I had, and even though the second fish didn’t come for another 3 hours

Thanks to ABT for the event and the major sponsor Haswing. I am looking forward to the remaining comps and the Electric Convention at Cressbrook.”

Treetop treasure delivers for Wilson

Adrian Wilson (2/2, 2.12) produced a strong result to finish in second place and kickstart his 2015 BASS Electric campaign. Wilson, a fifty year old self-employed concreter from Heritage Park, found his tournament limit but fell just grams short of taking the win.

Wilson had the opportunity to prefish Hinze Dam five weeks earlier and found the bite tough, only managing to land one fish. On a positive note Wilson did locate a promising school of fish off an edge in about 8m of water and decided to return to this location on the day of the tournament. However things don’t always go to plan,

“On competition day I headed to my starting point, but unfortunately another angler looked like they were heading in that direction in front of me so I had to change my game plan. I ended up heading down nearer the dam wall, where I fished edges for about 25 minutes until I finally came across some fish in 7m of water.

I dropped down a ¼ Impact Tackle Bladez in Fire Tail colour and vertically hopped it and scored my first fish followed by my second fish 15 to 20 minutes later using the same lure. I was pretty happy to have bagged out within the first hour on a 33cm and 36cm respectively, especially knowing how challenging the bite was.”

Wilson proceeded to fish the surrounding flats with a variety of plastics and blades searching for upgrades. Knowing this area held good fish kept Wilson plugging away, but no fish were forthcoming. With no upgrades a move was made to his next location, a submerged tree that lays in roughly 10m of water and comes up to about 5m.

“When I reached this spot I started to get a good show on my Lowrance sounder of fish in 5-7m of water around the submerged tree. I put my spot lock on and dropped down some blades and ice jigs but could not entice a response. After 1.5 hours with no bites but plenty of fish still showing I decided to drop a marker buoy on the tree and move out about 20m so I could cast cut down plastics back over the tree. As it was a breezy day, the wind would continually shift the boat around hence why I put down the buoy, so I knew where to cast every time.

I would count the lure down for about 15 to 20 seconds and then start a dead slow retrieve back to the boat which got me instant, but subtle bites, therefore sparking up my enthusiasm again. Looking back, I believe the change of angle from a vertical to a more horizontal angle obliviously presented the lure differently to the fish, and possibly triggered a new found interest from them. I stayed in this spot for the remainder of the day, upgrading twice with a 40cm and a 39cm fish.”

Wilson used a cut down 2.8” Keitech Swing Impact Fats in silver flash minnow colour rigged on a ¼oz Impact Tackle Headz Jig Head in smoke yellow core colour. The lure was continually coated the plastic in Procure Super Gel in garlic scent.

“In hindsight, it was a good choice to stay where the fish were schooled and not waste valuable time trying to search for more active fish that possibly might have never appeared. As the saying goes, never leave fish to find fish.

I would like to thank Bill, Adam and the rest of the boys from Tackle Warehouse for their support over the years and Brad Clark from Barrabass rods for making my rods.”

Wilsons tackle included a Revs 72 Barrabass Rod teamed with a 2500 size Daiwa Certate Reel spooled with 10lb Sunline Super 5 Braid and 6lb FC Rock Fluorocarbon leader.

Winning Ways

“I think the fact that I took the time to recompose after losing two fish in succession was a real contributor to the overall outcome. Also focusing on the things that I could control, such as boat position, technique and presentation, helped overcome the tough bite.”

Winning Tackle

Rod: G. Loomis Crankbait CBR843
Reel: Daiwa Zillion PE special, and
Line: Berkley Crystal Fireline 14lb
Leader: 20lb Sunline flurocarbon leader

Flowrite Big Bass

The event winner Andrew Rollison also secured the Flowrite Big Bass for the event (1.22kg).


BASS Electric: Haswing BASS Electric Major – Hinze Dam Angler Results
Place Angler State F1 W1 TF TW Payout
1 Andrew ROLLISON Qld 2 2.19 2 2.19 Haswing 55lb Cayman bow-mount Electric motor, Free entry into 2015 BASS Electric Convention, $100 Flowrite Big Bass
2 Adrian WILSON QLD 2 2.12 2 2.12 Engel Esky, $300 Haswing voucher, lure pack, Free entry into 2015 BASS Electric Convention
3 Stephen MCLEAN NSW 2 1.74 2 1.74 13 Fishing Omen Black rod, $200 Hswing voucher, lure pack, Free entry into 2015 BASS Electric Convention
4 Paul MCHUGH QLD 2 1.51 2 1.51 Spotters sunglasses, lure pack
5 Jonathan BALE QLD 2 1.44 2 1.44 Spotters sunglasses, lure pack
6 Shaun FALKENHAGEN Qld 1 1.11 1 1.11 Tonic sunglasses
7 Les SMITH QLD 1 0.91 1 0.91 Austackle rod
8 Tom REYNOLDS Qld 1 0.9 1 0.9 Austackle rod
9 Luke CLARK Qld 1 0.88 1 0.88 Lure Pack
10 Rebecca SMITH QLD 1 0.79 1 0.79 Lure Pack
11 Adrian MANOLEA QLD 0 0
11 Bryce BEECHEY NSW 0 0
11 Brett KLEINSCHMIDT Qld 0 0
11 Chris SHAW 0 0
11 Callum TEWES QLD 0 0
11 Christian MANOLEA QLD 0 0
11 Chesley LENNON NSW 0 0
11 Dean SIMPSON 0 0
11 Danny WEAVER Qld 0 0
11 Glenn SMYTH QLD 0 0
11 Justin THOMPSON QLD 0 0
11 Jason CLARK QLD 0 0
11 Kym BALDWIN QLD 0 0
11 Matt JOHNSON QLD 0 0
11 Nigel SKYRING NSW 0 0



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