Long Lining for bass- what’s the ruling

Made famous in the USA by anglers targeting largemouth bass, long lining is starting to appear on the bass tournaments scene in Australia. Effective, albeit it somewhat controversial, long lining in ABT BASS events has some do-s and don’t-s. Here’s the breakdown from ABT’s Tournament Director Simon Goldsmith about what’s involved if you want to delve deep and get into some long lining in an ABT event.

“Long lining has the potential for on-water angler conflict so we’ve constructed the rules to try and minimise this and mitigate the likelihood of trolling inadvertently making its way into the technique. Here’s the ruling as it it appears in the 2015 Toray BASS Pro Series Rules.”

• Long lining is permitted in ABT BASS Pro events, but is to only be done so with the aid of electric motor (outboard/petrol combustion motors are prohibited) while the reel is disengaged. The reel cannot be engaged and a retrieve started until the momentum of the boat has ceased. Doing so would constitute trolling which is prohibited in all ABT events.

For any further details on long lining in ABT events email simon@fishingmonthly.com.au, or phone ABT (07) 3387 0888.


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